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Test Rubric

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Test Rubric Empty Test Rubric

Post by Aichi Sendou on Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:10 am

Banned decks: OTK/FTK, alternative wins, burn. Mill. stall, constellar, burning abyss, shaddolls, stellerknights, mecha-phantom beasts. bujin, utopia, Monarch, Qliphort, any rulers, Twilight/Chaos,
Three Duel Test
If Vanguard 3 different decks

Deck build 0-20
(how well the cards complement each other and unusual it is)
Use of cards 0-10
(did they use all cards to the fullest)
Knowledge of cards 0-15
(how well you know both yours and your opponents cards)
Rulings 0-10
(testers will make misplays on purpose if applicant doesn't catch duel goes on as though it was correct)
Field Control 0-15
(were they able to keep it one-sided or turn the tables when it counted 5 for each duel)
Duel Result 0-20
(0 wins=0 1 win=5 2 win=10 3 win=20)
(YGO)Side/(CFVG)difference in decks 0-15
(no side=0, did what they side in make a difference or could it have)
Attitude 0-15
(were they calm and polite or rude and disrespectful)

Ikaros Red=110-130
Chaos Purple=76-109
Astraea Yellow/Nymph Blue=0-75
(testers discretion if the applicant was more tactful for Nymph or more power focused for Astraea)

If applicant wishes to redraw starting hand they may show the tester their hand and the tester decides if they can. 1 PER TEST

re-test once a week, or  your dorm leader will decide if you are to move on and then test you themselves
Aichi Sendou
Aichi Sendou

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