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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 21: Be born my shining valkyrie!

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 21: Be born my shining valkyrie! Empty Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 21: Be born my shining valkyrie!

Post by SoulKitty on Sat Feb 21, 2015 11:58 pm

As the rain continues to pour down on the city, all four horsemen stand outside a runway as a personal jet lands several feet from the. Coming out of the jet is a tall yet muscular man who appears to be wearing a white porcelin mask and by his side is a small child with a black robe that has a hood which covers most of his face. As these people walk out two of the four horsemen kneel down before them.

''Ahh good to see you again noah,''said the man as his voice echos in the mask,''I assume your the one chosen to be the third prince of the overlord.''

''No,' said noah as he removes his helmet to reveal his jet black hair and green eyes,''your overlord chose Zeke.''

Taken back by this the man laughs at Zeke as he looks at him. ''The overlord would never chose this child who can not even control his own bloodlust,'' said the man as he walks past Zeke and heads directly to his car,''prove to me that your worthy of being a prince by defeating noah right here.''


''THOUGHT RULER ATTACK HIS Mammoth,''said Yusuke as the skeletal like dragon slashes through the mammoth. The mammother turns into a crystal as it gets destroyed. ''Armor master attack his amethyst cat,'' commanded Yusuke as armor master spins in a vortex and pierces through the cat.


''I end my turn,'' said Yusuke as he grabs is chest in pain. ''Something isn't right,'' thought Yusuke the pain grows worse. ''It's my turn, DRAW,'' said Gabriel as he looks at the card he jsut drew,''I start my activating the continous spell card crystal tree.''

As Gabriel activates the card a tall crystaliane tree sprouts out of the ground and grows high into the sky. ''Since my crystal beast count as continous spell and trap cards i can meet the require ments for this card,'' said Gabriel as a massive bright glow emits from the card in his hand,''BE BORN FROM THE CLOUD OF DARKNESS AND BRING FORTH NEVER ENDING PAIN TO YOUR ENEMIES HAMON.''

The three cards in Gabriels s/t zone vanish as Hamon rises from the ground and a massive thunder cloud covers the sky. ''BATTLE,'' hamon strike down his thought ruler dragon,'' commanded Gabriel as Hamon strikes its claws into the ground causing a thunder bolt to strike thought ruler down. Yusuke covers his face as the ash from the explosion comes hurtling towards him.

''Since my hamon striked your monster down you take an additional 1000 points of damage,'' said Gabriel as another thunderbolt strikes Yusuke down.

''AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,''yelled Yusuke as he falls onto the floor almost burnt to a crisp. Yusuke:3100->800lp

''I end my turn,'' said Gabriel,''Its hopeless for you Yusuke, you can't win.''

Yusuke slowly rises up as Gabriel is shocked to see his face looks determined. ''Fuck you, I can't give up now,'' said Yusuke as a blue aura slowly rises around him and around his armor master,''ITS MY TURN, DRAW.''

Just as Yusuke draws his card a strange voice rings in his ears telling him to finish his turn right now. For some reason his obeys the voice as he trusts its judgment. ''I end my turn.''

''Hmph so much for not giving up,'' said Gabriel as his eyes glow revealing him what his next card will be,''I draw...I activate dark hole.'' A massive black hole appears sucking in armor master and Hamon with it,''since my pendulum cards are in play my rainbow dragon can't be destroyed by dark hole leaving him on the field.''

''NOW strike him down RAINBOW DRAGON RAINBOW BEAM,'' said Gabriel as the beam hits Yusuke causing a massive explosion that toples the entire building to the ground. ''I guess you were not the one I was looking fo...WHAT,''said Gabriel as massive pillar of light emites out of the smoke.


Floating aimlessly in a black void, Yusuke wakes up to see a glowing card floating towards him. ''You were the voice...weren't you said Yusuke as the light from the card glows stronger as it destroyes the black void.

Out of the pillar of light four wings burst out of it as a human and bird like body comes out of it. A shiny warrior weilding two sword comes out of the light with his armor gleaming in the night. ''BATTLE SUMMON BLACKWING-VALKYRIE ARMED MASTER,'' said Yusuke.

''BATTLE SUMMON?!?!?,'' said Gabriel in disbelif.

''Since he was summoned your battle phase is ended,'' said Yusuke as valkyrie slashes through rainbow dragons attack. ''Its my turn DRAW,'' said Yusuke ,''I activate valkyrie's effect since my life points are lower then my oppenants he gains 200 attack for each blackwing monster in my grave and i can add one monster from my grave to my hand.''

Valkyrie gains a massive aura as his attack goes from 3500 to 4100. ''Now i add zephroys to my hand and summon him,'' said Yusuke as zeph bursts out of the whirlwind,''now i use whirlwind to add kalut to my hand VALKYRIE ATTACK HIS RAINBOW DRAGON.

Valkyrie flies towards the dragon as it fires several beams in its path. He dodges each and everyone of the beams bringing his swords to his neck. ''By discard kalut he gains an extra 1400 attack,' said Yusuke as kalut flies into valkyrie makiing him 5200 as it cuts rainbow dragon's head off.



------------to be continued-------------

chapter 22: Deathscythes vs demon rune's? The end of the horsemen!

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