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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 23: It all ends here...

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 23: It all ends here... Empty Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 23: It all ends here...

Post by SoulKitty on Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:01 am


''I set two cards face down and end my turn,'' said Noah as the air around him and Zeke becomes filled with panic and violence. ''Hmph guess that deck of yours was just all show when push came to shove,'' said Zeke as he places is fingers into his deck,''ITS MY TURN DRAW.''

''I start of by summoning demon rune-force builder,'' (level 4:300 attack, 0 defense) said Zeke as a demonic looking mage forms out of the pool of blood surrounding Belial,''I activate builders effect if my oppenant controls no monsters i can special summon one Demon Rune monster from my grave yard and i chose jackknife.''

Soon force builder draws a pentagram out of thin air and pulls jackknife out of it. As jackkife slides across the ground before placing a powerful step onto the ground it releases a firery breath out into the air. ''Now Belial attack Noah directly,'' commanded Zeke as Belial raises its spear high into the air before bringing it down with enough force to cause the airport to burst apart.

''I activate nito's effect from grave,'' said Noah as Nito appears onto the field in attack mode,''since i control no monsters during my oppenants battle phase I can special summon him in attack mode and I can negate one attack.''

As nito finishes forming from his pile of bones he brings his sycthe into a guard position taking the full force of Belial's attack. Having successfully halted the attack Belial stands down. ''Tch I set one card face down and end my turn,'' said Zeke with a most annoyed experession,''why do you take forever to just drop dead.''

''Unlike you I have a plan to win more then just brute force,''said Noah as he laughs lightly at Zeke's face,''its my turn, draw.'' Looking closely at his card Noah's eye flash open with determination as he stares wildly at Zeke.

''BATTLE, nito attacks your force builder,''said Noah as nito dashes towards Force builder. ''I activate the trap card, demonic switch,''said Zeke as nito heads towards belial,''this card allows me to pick the monster my oppenant will be attacking.''

Just as nito flies towards Belial he instead flies over him and heads towards Zeke. ''I activate the quick play Death spiral if my monster battles agaisnt one with higher attack then it, it instead attacks my oppenant directly,''said Noah as nito slashes through Zeke sending him flying a few feet back.


''Damn you,''said Zeke as he coughs up blood while trying to stand back up,''Your always trying to look like some damned messiah, always upstaging me WELL I HAD ENOUGH OF YOU NOAH!!!!!!!!!!''

''Its my turn draw,''yelled Zeke,''I overlay my level 4 force builder with my level jackknife, BRING FORTH DESPAIR UPON ALL WHO SEEK HOPE EXCEED SUMMON DEMON RUNE-KING OF WRATH AMON.''

Amon~rank 4: 2650 attack/0 defense

As the blood surrounding Zeke engulfs his two monsters a red skinned, four horned demon walks out of the blood laughing hysterically. The demon stands along side Zeke as he emits a dark aura. ''I detach one overlay unit from Amon,''said Zeke as Amon grabs the overlay and crushes it,''now all monsters on my side of the field can attack you directly but you take half the damage.''

Soon Belial slashes downwards at Noah sending him straight into the ground causing a massive crater. Quickly after Amon appears infront of noah picking him and then proceeding to punch into a bloodly pulp.



''FUCK ALL OF YOU, FUCK EVER SINGLE DAMNED HUMAN ON THIS PLANET,''said Zeke as he is consumed in his bloodlust,''I will watch as you all burn beneath my feet, QUICK PLAY MAGIC 7th circle of torture.''

Just as Zeke was about to play his card, a red d-wheel races into the middle of the field grabbing noah from the ground. ''WAR,''said Zeke as his face is dumbfounded. ''Marko distract Zeke,''said war as he races out of the field.

''I will,''said Marko as his white d-wheel runs Zeke over causing him to tumble across the runway. ''Good that should buy us sometim....''
Marko gets cut off as the hoodied child stands before him. ''You interfered with the duel,''said the child as Marko's arm starts to twist over activating his duel disk,''my name is A.S.U.R.A and as punishment you will face me.''

------------to be continued-------------

chapter 24: the dark hour ends..Road to the world beings.

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