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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 20: Finding the winning combo, Yusukes hidden power!!

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 20: Finding the winning combo, Yusukes hidden power!! Empty Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 20: Finding the winning combo, Yusukes hidden power!!

Post by SoulKitty on Wed Dec 24, 2014 9:16 pm

''I use the effect of my pegasus to place another cobalt eagle onto my s/t zone,'' said Gabriel,'' now I overlay my level four cobalt eagle and my level four sapphire pegasus in order to exceed summon lightning chidori.''

As the two monsters turn into orbs of light their light turns into a lightning spear that takes the shape of a phoenix that quickly strikes down armor master. ''When chidori is summoned by detaching one overlay unit i get to bounce one face up card on the field back into the deck,'' said Gabriel as armor master gets forced back into the extra deck.

''Now I overlay my two ruby's to exceed summon number 30: acid golem,'' said Gabriel as a massive purple golem crashes onto the ground. Stepping back a bit as Yusuke is atonished to see the massive turn around Gabriel has done.

''BATTLE, acid golem attack his life points directly,'' said Gabriel as the golem's arm gets engulfed in a purple mist before striking Yusuke through the ground.


Bouncing back up as blood splatters from Yusuke before falling back onto the ground. ''LIGHTNING CHIDORI STRIKE HIM DOWN,''commanded Gabriel as chidori turns into a lightning bolt that falls into Gabriels hands right before he throws it at Yusuke.

Getting up as Yusuke sees the bolt strike him through heart sending him crashing into a wall.


''I set one card face down and end my turn,'' said Gabriel as a battered and bursed Yusuke struggles to get back onto his feet. ''Feels strange doesn't it,'' said Gabriel,''this is more then a game the world of duel monsters use to be blood ritual were the strongest was put to the test.''

''What are you talking about...,'' asked Yusuke as he places his fingers on his deck. ''I've lived for too long and I saw so many die from it so I need to prevent the overlord from rising.''

''Stop spouting out bullshit, ITS MY TURN DRAw,'' said Yusuke as he feels his heart pounding,''I summon blackwing sirocco the dawn in attack mode.'' Sirocco flies from the black whirlwind as he lands infront of Yusuke,''Whirlwind lets me add one blackwing monster from my deck to hand and I chose my second gale,'' said Yusuke as gale pops out of his deck and into his hand.

''Now I special summon gale...,'' said Yusuke before he got interupted.
''TRAP CARD OPEN VANITIES EMPTINESS,'' yelled Gabriel as chains lock gale and his extra deck from use. ''WHAT!!!,' said Yusuke as he shakes in fear,''Sirocco attack his chidori.'' Sirocco flies up into the air before dive kicking chidori into oblivion.


''Since a card was sent from my field to grave vanity is sent to the grave,'' said Gabriel as the chains break apart. ''I set one card face down and end my turn,'' said Yusuke.

''Its my turn draw,'' said Gabriel as the card he draws emits a strange rainbow color aura,''I'm going to end you soon,'' said Gabriel ,''I summon sapphire pegasus and use his effect to place topaz tiger onto my spell and trap zone.'' Another gem appears behind pegasus,''I attack your sirocco with my golem.''

Golem brings his fist hammering down onto Sirocco. ''Trap card open,'' said Yusuke as golem and pegasus get sucked up into a worm hole,''BLACK SONIC.''

Gabriel stands there and watches as his monsters get banished into the sonic vortex.''I pendulum summon emerald tortoise, amber mammoth and amethyst cat,'' said Gabriel as each crystal beast on his field and grave begin to glow,''Since i control them all I get to special summon Rainbow Dragon from my hand.''

The duel field begins to crumble as a massive dragon appears before Yusuke. ''My power allows me to influence the out come of the game almost like an ever moving pendulum.''

Shaking violently as Yusuke panics over the current situation. ''Its my turn DRAW,'' said Yusuke as he looks at his hand,''I special summon gale in attack mode and synchro summon using my level 5 sirocco and my level 3 tuner gale in order to summon Thought ruler Archfiend.''

Soon a skeletal like Dragon appears before Yusuke,''Next i summon blizzard the far north in attack in order to special summon Gale from my grave next I use zephyros to bounce my blizzard back into my hand.'' ''Now I use my level 4 zeph and level 3 gale TO BRING BACK ARMOR MASTER,'' said Yusuke a blue aura surrounds him with his eye colors changing.

---------------------------to be continued--------

chapter 21: Be born my shining valkyrie!

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