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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 25: Setting the stage for adventure

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 25: Setting the stage for adventure Empty Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 25: Setting the stage for adventure

Post by SoulKitty on Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:05 am

''Ladies and gentlemen,'' screamed an announcer as the crowd roars in excitement. The entire stadium shakes as a lalapalooza starts off from the crowd stomping the feet. ''I bring to you the dark horse of this years world tourney SORA KIRYU THE WINGED BEAST,'' said the announcer as a brown haired man stands on the middle of the duel field.

''DAD WIN,''said a young child as he stands amongst the crowd of millions. ''And his oppenant ALISTAIR HIYABUSHA,''said the announcer as Sora's eyes shot up wide open upon viewing his oppenant. ''Let the duel begin,''said the announcer as the world cheers in excitement.

This duel was six years ago, and this duel was the last the world heard from Sora Kiryu before his death five months later. These words ring in Yusuke's ears as his television counts down to the start of the world tournement round robin segment.

6 days: 5 hours: 12 mintues: 34 seconds

(opening song: )

Driving down the road as several miles of construction if being done to rebuild Neo Brunswick, Koga tapes his fingers against the dash board of his limbo. ''Koga are you listening to me,''asked Elizabeth as she pinches his arm. ''ouch what was that for,''asked Koga as he is broken out of his trance. ''I need you to be ready, your going to present the rules of the round robin in about fifty minutes,'said Elizabeth as her eyes stare closely at Koga,''you forgot the shave.''

''I didn't think it would matter,''said Koga as he straches his nose. ''OF COURSE IT MATTERS YOUR GOING TO BE SEEN BY THE WORLD, YOU BETTER LOOK PROFESSIONAL,''said Elizabeth. ''DO YOU SEE HOW I DRESS, I LOOK FAR FROM PROFESSIONAL,''yelled Koga.

''Yasmin can you get off the shower already,''asked Yusuke as he brushes his nappy hair from his eyes. ''A lady must take her time to look presentable,''said Yasmin as the sound of a shower head being turned off rings through the room. ''Besides you bath faster then me,''said Yasmin as she walks out of the bathroom covered in her towel. ''Yeah but you always use up the hot water,''said Yusuke as he wickedly pulls the towel off of yasmin and covers his face with it.

Down on the second floor Gabriel is cooking up a rather large breakfast for everyone. Looking behind Gabriel laughs as he sees Yusuke tumble down the stairs looking beat up. ''I hope you two don't kill each other,''said Gabriel as he places down each of their plates on the table. ''Well this does look good,''said both Yusuke and Yasmin in unison.


Looking down at his duel disk Ryu places two decks on his table. Placing his hand over Trident draigon card Ryu looks at it ideally before he places it back into his pocket. ''I won't make it to the finals with you, there for I use you,''said Ryu as he looks at his beelze card,''Your going to bring me to the finals and lucky a chance to face Yusuke again.''

''Ahh Ryu my boy are you ready to leave this jail cell and see the world,'' asked Vladimir as he pushes his glasses back up to his eyes. ''Just get me out of here already,''said Koga as he walks along side Vlad.

''Now remember this tourney will be important,''said Gabriel as Yusuke and Yasmin enjoy their meal,''you two are to be on the look out for any horsemen am I clear.''

''Yes,''said both of them. ''Oh and Yusuke a package arrived for you ,''said Gabriel as he slides it towards Yusuke. Stopping his eating as Yusuke drops his fork,''Thats right tomorrow is my birthday.''

''Whats the matter Yusuke?,''asked Yasmin as she sees him open up the package. ''Yasmin do you even know Yusuke's last name,''asked Gabriel as Yusuke pulls out several cards. ''No why do you ask,'' replied Yasmin. ''My dad told me that on my seventeenth birthday he would give me his deck and new cards,''said Yusuke as he lays down all the cards on the table. ''Those are Raid raptors, they were only printed as a prize deck, and only one man used them..,''said Yasmin as she looks at Yusuke.

''Mr.Benway we have all the duelist around the world registered,''said a tech dev as Benway looks over the screen. ''I want you to put Yusuke Kiryu under our watchers list,''said Benway.

Nevermore,Nevermore, nevermore~

--------------to be continued----

chapter 26: father and son

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