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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 24: the dark hour ends..Road to the world beings.

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 24: the dark hour ends..Road to the world beings. Empty Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 24: the dark hour ends..Road to the world beings.

Post by SoulKitty on Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:02 am

''Let go of me,''yelled Yusuke as he struggles to pry Gabriel off of him, but its all in vain as he feels a sharp pain in his gut. Looking down to see Gabriel has punched him in the gut, Yusuke falls onto his knees in pain. ''I can't let you go till I know its safe out there,''replaied Gabriel as he feels his body weight shift. Looking down to see Yusuke has swept him from under his feet, Yusuke dashes out of the warehouse. ''I have to see what the hell that was,''said Yusuke.

In the ruins of newbrunswick Koga and Yasmin struggle to remove the rubble from any of the survivors of the earthquake. ''We have to work faster the damned paramedics can't handle this all by themselves,''said Koga as he forcefully pushes a stone column off of a women. Helping her up Koga looks around to see if anyone else needs help. ''I think thats all,''said Koga as he looks down to find Yasmin trembling in fear,''whats the matter?''

Looking up Koga is shocked to see her face in tears. ''Is this going on because I exist,''asked Yasmin as she falls onto her knees,''none of this ever happened until I learned what I am and everything has been going to hell.'' Picking her up Koga looks deeply into her eyes before hugging her,''don't you ever blame this on yourself.''


''Why have you been letting me just abuse you like this,''asked Marko as his face is frustrated and scared at the same time. ''Beating you is nothing but childs play,''said Asura in his cold emotionless voice,''now end your turn.''

''Since i control two lumina's and a lyla light spiral makes both of us send nine cards to the grave,''said Marko as nine cards are sent to the grave from both of their decks. '',draw,''said Asura as he looks at the cards in his hand,''I activate snatch and steal and take your lyla.'' As this happens Marko becomes with fear as a dark entity over takes the field. Holding one card up a massive dark aura surrounds it,''Its over for you,''said Asura.

Yusuke runs across the airport seeing nothing but craters and burn marks,''what the hell happened.....'' Looking up Yusuke is shocked to see a man held up on a light pole and tied by strings as his body looks ripped apart. ''AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,''screamed Yusuke as it echos across the airport.


''Mr.Benway should we continue this tournement,''said one video projection of an elderly lady. ''We have to, in order to find who our true enemy is we must weed them out,''said Benway as he flips several cards from his deck in his hand,''for now the finals will be held in tokyo.''

''Lets hope this is for nothing,''said another projector as all of them go off. ''Please don't let this be for nothing,''said Benway as he sends off a package to his assistant. ''Make sure Yusuke gets those they are the last gift from his father,''said Marko as his assistant walks out of the room.

''WERE GONNA MAKE IT NOAH WERE GONNA MAKE IT,''said War as he speeds out of the city and into the rain filled highway.

------------to be continued---

chapter 25:The world awaits no one(start of the new story)

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