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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 22 Deathscythes vs demon rune's? The end of the horsemen!

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 22 Deathscythes vs demon rune's? The end of the horsemen! Empty Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 22 Deathscythes vs demon rune's? The end of the horsemen!

Post by SoulKitty on Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:00 am

As the rain pours hard on the city Koga and yasmin wander around the city in search of Yusuke and Gabriel. With the lights of the city shining ever so brightly combined with the large groups of people that keep bumping into them, their search seems harder then intended.

''Why are so many people out on a night like this?,'' asked Koga as he pushes through a large group of people. ''I don't know, might have to do with all the sales going on..since ya know were in the shopping district,''said Yasmin sarcastictly.

Stopping violently Koga eyes widen in fear as his body trembles. Back at the airport Noah and Zeke both put their duel disks on as he they draw out five cards.

''Who would of thought that I would of been the one to be chosen,''said Zeke as both him and Noah circle around each other. ''YOU MUST OF FELT SO SPECIAL BEING THE OVERLORDS POSTER BOY FOR SO LONG,''said Zeke

''Your just a child and you always will be one,''said Noah with his usual calm demeanor.

''Well i'll go first,'' said Zeke,''I set two cards face down and I summon Demon rune's jackknife.''

Soon as red and black two headed dragon with a blade for a head bursts through the ground as it releases a horriable roar out. ''They have started,'' said the hooded child as the man pats his head. ''Tell me who wins.''

Jackknife lvl 4:1800 attack, 0 defense

''I end my turn,''said Zeke

''Its my turn..DRAW,''said Noah,''I summon Deathscythe tomb keeper.''

As noah places the card on his duel disk a coffin appears out of a portal being wrapped in chains as Skeleton wearing a torn robe jumps up from behind it.

Tomb keeper lvl 3=1200 attack,400 defense

''Next i activate the spell card foolish burial to send my death scythe pinwheel to my grave,''said Noah as a card juts out of his deck and into his grave,''next i activate tomb keepers effect, by paying 400 life points i can special summon one deathscythe monster from my grave to field COME FORTH PINWHEEL.''

Tomb keeper tugs on the chains opening the coffin as wheel with a skeleton in the middle races out of it. ''Next I use pinwheels effect to send two deathscythe monsters from my deck to grave,''said Noah,''and i pick deathscythe infant and deathscythe swordsmen.''

''Now I tune my level 3 deathscythe pinwheel with my level 3 deathscythe tomb keepers,''said Noah as pinwheel detaches itself and wraps around tomb keeper,''bring forth pain and despair as you kill all in sight, SYNCHRO SUMMON DEATHSCYTHE NITO.''

Coming out of the ground is a massive scythe attatched onto the arm of a skeleton monster wearing a kings robe and crown.

Nito lvl 6:2500 attack/1900 defense

''Attack his monster nito,'' commanded Noah as nito does a downward slash to jackknife. ''I activate jackknifes effect since he is being attacked by a monster with attack then him I can negate the attack,''said Zeke as jackknife roars at nito sending him back to Noah.

''I set one card face down and end my turn,''said Noah.

''ITS MY TURN DRAW,''said Zeke with bloodlust in his voice as the card he drew emits a dark aura. ''I activate the trap card DEMON SPIRIT, if I control a monster with zero defense I can special summon two demon rune tokens.''

Soon two demon imps land next to jackknife as they snicker and laugh. ''Now I tribute all three of my monsters to summon DARK PRINCE OF HELL BELIAL,''said Zeke as large dark aura forms around him grabbing hold of his three monsters crushing them into a pool of blood. The blood engulfs the field as four sharp wings jut out of the ground following six giant arms. Soon the head of a beast rises out holding a large spear in his hand.

Belial lvl 10: 3700 attack/4000 defense.


Koga falls onto his knees as the entire city goes silent with the citizens seeing a massive beast looking at them. Its cold breath visable for all to see. Its own immense roar causes the city to go into a catagory earthquake.

''ITS CAN'T BE...,''said Gabriel back at the warehouse as he and Yusuke look up to see this beast tower over everything.

''The first prince has been summoned,''said the child as the strings wrapped around his hands break apart. ''So then, zeke was able to wield it,''said the man.

''Now attack his monster,''said commanded Zeke as belial stabs his spear through nito. ''Trap card open DAMAGE GAIN,''said Koga,'''whenever i take damage i can special summon one deathscythe monster from my deck..''

''COUNTER TRAP 666 CIRCLE,''said Zeke as millions of shadow like hands grab hold of Noah's trap card and crush it,''this card allows me to negate any spell or trap card my oppenant activates on my turn and if its successful i can reset it.''


''I set one card face down and end my turn,''said Zeke.

''Its my turn draw,''said Noah as he pauses in utter shock,''why am I in my main phase 2.''

''Belial's continous effect as long as he is on the field my oppenant can't enter his main phase,''said Zeke,''heheheehh I'M GOING TO ENJOY WATCHING YOU SUFFER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.''

to be continued

chapter 23: It all ends here...

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