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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul chapter 6: And then came a pale horse.

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul chapter 6: And then came a pale horse.

Post by SoulKitty on Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:06 pm

Driving down the alley way of a construction zone. A pale white d-wheel zooms past any people who happen to be in that location. The driver sporting a black and white jacket with black pants, and appears to be masking his face with a white helmet. The helmet covers his face but a black visor only covers his eyes. Forcefully stoping his d-wheel the rider looks in the distance to see a young boy getting hit across the street. Reeving his engine he drives at an insane amount of speed towards the kid.

Yusuke having defeated Kazu proceeds to get off the riders d-wheel. Running to Kazu to see if he was alright was shocked to see him push his d-wheel off him.

''Looks like you won kid'' said Kazu as he grips onto his side in pain. Having collected all of Keith's scattered cards, Kazu hands them all back to Yusuke.

''WAIT,''yelled the rider, as he walks towards Kazu with his duel disk on his arm,''I challenge this man to a duel.''

''Sir, I thank you for feeling the need to get back at what he did,'' said Yusuke,''but he is injured, we should take him some place to get checked out.''

The rider places his hand on Yusuke's head. Feeling a massive surge of energy, as Yusuke starts to tremble his eyes go dark as he passes out onto the floor.

''WHA-WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO THAT KID,'' yelled Kazu in fear.

''He is fine, but you should be worried about yourself right now,'' said the rider shadow like beings emerge from under him. The creatures slowly trap both Kazu and the rider in a circle.

Having been trapped almost all time outside of the circle seems to stop in place. ''Now duel,'' said the rider in the most menacing voice any man can hear.

Place his second deck into his duel disk Kazu stares at the rider.

''DUEL,'' said both the rider and Kazu.

''It's my turn,'' said the rider,''I set two cards face down and end my turn.''

''It's my turn draw,'' said Kazu''First I activate foolish burial, this card lets me send one monster from my deck to grave.'' ''The monster I chose is shadow mist, when mist is sent to grave I can add one hero monster to my hand,'' said Kazu,'' I chose bubbleman.''

''Now i activate instant fusion,'' announced Kazu,''By spending 1000 lifepoints I can special summon one fusion monster but it can;t attack and it gets destroyed by the end phase of my turn.''

'Now special summon Elder God Noden,'' said Kazu as Noden rides out of a portal on his chariot,''When he is special summoned I can special summon one level 4 or lower monster, and i chose Shadow mist.''

Mist appears out of Kazu's own shadow as he flips over his head, and onto the field. ''Now since mist was special summond I can add one change card to my hand.''

Having add mask change Kazu's expression changes from terror to confidence. ''Now I set 2 cards face down and normal summon elemental hero neos alius,'' said Kazu as Alius spins around onto the field as he strikes an action pose,''Now I can special summon elemental hero Bubbleman.''

The field gets englufed by a cloud of bubbles as Bubbleman jumps out of it and lands next to Alius. ''Now I open the overlay network ,'' said Kazu as Alius and bubbleman form into two balls of light that enter a portal,''I exceed summon Blade armor ninja.''

Ninja jumps across the field as he lands on the field with his arms crossed.

''By detaching on overlay unit Blade armor can attack twice this turn,'' said Kazu,''now Ninja attack his face down.''

Ninja slashing one of it's overlays as it rushes towards the riders face down card.

Slashing at it causing a small explosion.Appearing out of the smoke is a small skeleton, almost like a 4 month old baby. ''Deathscythe infant's effect activates when flipped up,'' said the rider,''I can draw two cards from my deck I must discard one card from my hand.'' The rider draws his two cards and send the card in the middle of his hand to the grave.

''Deathscythe?,'' asked Kazu,'' well never mind, ninja attack directly.''

Ninja attacks the rider again hitting the rider.



''Trap card open, Damage gain,'' said rider,''Whenever i take battle damage I can special summon one deathscythe monster from my deck.''

A dark portal opens as half decayed half alive person wearing a poncho a cowboy hat. He pulls out his revolvers as he strikes a pose. ''I pick deathscythe gunner,''said the rider,''When gunner is summoned I can special summon one deathscythe monster from my grave and i pick deathscythe swordsman.''

A demonic looking skeleton comes out of the ground. He slashes a bit at the air with his black blades. ''I use swordsman's effect,'' announced the rider,''Since he was special summoned if i control a tuner or a monster the same level as it, i can either synchro or exceed summon.''

Having control of two level 4 monster they turn black and mass together and form a new monster. ''Bring decay to all, I exceed monster deathscythe mistress.''

A maiden of flesh and bone comes onto the field holding an umbrella she stands before the oppenant.

mistress: 2300 attack, 2500 defense.

''I end my turn,'' said Kazu.

''It's my turn, draw,'' said the rider,''I summon the tuner monster deathscythe pinwheel.''

A pinwheel made of skeleton bones rolls onto the field as it stops right next to mistress. ''Since i summoned pinwheel, i have to send 2 deathscythe monsters to the grave,'' said the rider as two cards fly out of his deck into the grave.

''Now I use mistress effect,'' announced the rider,'' While she has overlay units any monsters sent from my deck to grave are all special summoned onto my field, come forth deathscythe ceo and deathscythe drummer.''

The two monsters enter the field as they stand next to mistress and pinwheel.

''Now i detach one overlay unit to activate mistress effect,'' said the rider,'' by detaching one overlay unit I can select two card on my oppenants field and send them to the grave.'' Mistress twirls her umbrella as mist and blade are sent to the grave by a powerfu blast or wind.

''Now I activate ceo's effect,'' said the rider,'' when a monster or sent from my oppenants field to grave by a card effect I can special summon 1 deathscythe monster from the grave, I bring back deathscythe infant.''

Infant crawls out of the ground back onto the field.


A skeleton with a black flame skull wearing gothic armor and wielding a massive black scythe comes out of the black smoke.

'Deathscythe reaper=3100 attack, 2900 def.

--------------to be continued-------------------

next chapter: The four horse men cometh.

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