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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul chapter 7: The four horse men cometh

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul chapter 7: The four horse men cometh

Post by SoulKitty on Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:09 pm

Nevermore, nevermore,nevermore.....This words echo down a long dark hallway, where the only light source is a small purple flame that seems to pulsate like a beating heart. The flame pulsates more and more as a shadow like being lifts his head up to the moonlight revealing a single purple eye. ''It's time,'' said the being as three cloaked beings stand behind him awaiting orders,''Our pale rider has now opened the seal, it's up to you three to go out there and help him open the second gate.''

Back at the duel between Kazu and the pale rider, Kazu looks in shock at his enemies field. Kazu pressing his duel disk to activate mask change, as he is still shocked as to why it wouldn't work so he can summon dark law Kazu looks up to hear a laughing rider. ''You were looking to summon dark law, too bad you for you the grave effect of infant was in play,'' said the rider.

''Grave effect?,'' said Kazu in shock. ''Infant's grave effect, as long as i have more cards in hand then my oppenants you can't activate spell or trap cards during my turn, and i have 4 cards while you have 0,'' said the rider.

''Deathscythe reaper's effect activates, you have to send the top card of your deck to grave, but if it's a trap you can set it, if it's a monster you take damage equal to it's attack or it's a spell I get to activate it as my own,'' said the rider,'' Deathscythe reaper Damned soul.'' Reaper stabs his scythe into Kazu's deck as he drags out a card from it. The card he dragged out appears to be elemental hero Alius.

The card burns in black embers as the flames engulf Kazu.

Kazu: 8000->6100

''Now I command all my monsters to attack you directly,'' order The rider as each and everyone of his monsters on field attack and beat Kazu dropping his lifepoints to zero.

''Now you face Judgement,'' said The rider as he points at him,''In the name of god, YE GUILTY.'' Dark hands grab Kazu as the start to drag him down into the earth. Releasing a deathly scream of terror Kazu seems to have disappeared.

''Hmph..guess it's finally beginning,''said The rider. Looking behind him he notices yusuke slowly standing up as he appears to look drained and weak.

Stepping onto his d-wheel the rider starts to leave to only be stopped by Yusuke who appears to have grabbed hold of him. ''Just what the hell did you do to me?,'' asked Yusuke,'' and where is Kazu damnit!''

Looking at him, the rider about to answer him stops as he turns his head to the sounds of three more d-wheels. Seeing a white, black, and red d-wheel coming closer, each with monstrous engines. The three men circle around the rider and Yusuke. One of them stops infront of Yusuke as he points at him while having a menacing face, ''You, boy,'' said the man,''How about you be my first victim.'' ''DON'T YOU DARE HARM THIS CHILD!'' said the pale rider.

''Why not, Noah,' said the red rider. Yusuke looks at the rider with some shock,''N-noah,'' The rider looks at Yusuke then back to his colleagues,''This boy and several others must get stronger, for he is one of the final keys,'' said The rider as he shakes Yusuke off and drives off. The others follow suit leaving Yusuke behind. Yusuke passes out again onto the floor.


''Why did we come here again,'' asked Elizabeth,''I mean you brother has a record, but why a maximum prison of all places.'' Koga standing still as the elevator goes down several hundred floors underground. ''He chose this prison for a reason,'' said Koga as his grip tightens,''He is looking for the bastard that made him even get a record.'' As the elevator stops Koga and Elizabeth slowly walk towards the prison yard.

''Prisoner 2244560 you have a visitor,'' said a guard as Ryu walks out of his cell to see his pissed off older brother. Koga grabbing Ryu forcefully towards him as he punches him. ''How could you,'' yelled Koga,'' How could you do this, it took my months to get you out of here, years to get you away from that man and you got yourself back into this shit!''

''Well good to see you again Koga,'' said Ryu as he whips his face,'' Besides why do you even care.''

''Your my brother, I have to care for you,'' said Koga as he grabs Ryu and pats him on the back,'' Tell me why you did it.''

''It's my busy alone why I came here,'' said Ryu as he pushes Koga away,'' besides don't you have a tournement to prepare for?''

''That can wait,'' said Koga as he smiles at Ryu,'' Family comes first''

''Were done here,'' said Ryu as he walk back into his cell. Koga looks at his brother before he sighs in disappointment and turns around to leave. ''Wait that's it,'' said Elizabeth,''What no pep talk to him?''

''Ryu is stubborn, but not that stupid,'' said Koga,'' He did this for a reason.''

Ryu walking into his cell as he pushes his cell mate off of his Bed. Grabbing the older yet very skinny man Ryu looks at him with anger. ''WHERE IS IT,'' demanded Ryu,''WHERE IS BEELZE!''

''My protege is ready for his gift I guess,'' said the man as his blood red eyes stare at him, licking his lips as he picks Ryu up and holds him high in the air,'' Your going to have to earn it you brat.''

''I don't care,'' said Ryu,''I deserve what should be mines.''

''Heheheheeheeheh, you haven't begun to understand anything,'' said the man,'' but you will have to face me to get it''


next chapter: Dragon user vs the ultimate dragon of darkness, whats the plan?

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