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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 2: The day of change

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 2: The day of change

Post by SoulKitty on Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:02 pm


''Hmp, Armor master,'' said Ryu with a hint of cockyness in his voice''Out of all the cards to summon, you went with him.''

''Just because you think my deck is trash, doesn't mean he can't change this duel around,'' remarked Yusuke.

''Now Armor Master will attack your Dragunity Arma,'' yelled Yusuke,''Black Hurricane''

At that moment armor master spins around almost creating a tornado around him as he spins through Arma's body destroying him.


''Bora attack his Stardust dragon, Spear Bullet,'' yelled Yusuke.

Bora dashes at stardust dragon piercing his spear straight through it's heart


''That all, hmp simply pathetic''said Ryu,''It's my turn, draw.'' Looking at the card he drew Ryu grows a wicked smile as he stares down Yusuke. ''It is over for you''

''I active my face down card Call of the Haunted, when this card is activated im able to special summon a monster from my gaveyard in attack position, Return STARDUST DRAGON''

A massive portal opens as Stardust Dragon flies out of it expanding it's wings and releasing a mighty roar.

''Next I summon my second dragunity dux, then I activate his effect to equip phalanx,'' said Ryu,'' Now I summon phalanx, now i tune my level 8 Stardust Dragon with my level 2 phalanx.''

When Ryu does this flames circle around him and Yusuke as phalanx becomes a fire ball that circle around Stardust engulfing it in a massive pillar of fire.

''Be and destroy the world with your mighty flame, King of the dragons TRIDENT DRAGION''

The pillar disperses as a massive three headed dragon emerges from it. It's body towering over the entire field as it's three heads release a massive roar that shakes the entire field.

''By destroying my dux and call of the haunted I can give my dragon the ability to attack three times this turn,'' said Ryu as his two cards become engulfed in flames.

''TRIDENT DRAGION WHIP THIS FOOL OUT TRI BURST STREAM'' yelled Ryu with a wicked and twisted face as the three headed dragon all shoot a massive fire blast at once on Yusuke's whole field.



''You sir should pay attention to your oppenants card''said Yusuke as he appears out of the smoke with a few burns and next to him stands Armor Master holding him trying to shield him from the blast.
It sings its wing wiping away the smoke from the field.

''Armor Master can't be killed by battle nor do I take any battle damage,'' yelled Yusuke with a voice of confidence and a face filled with determination.

Ryu slowly backing away with a shocked and terrified face as he so foolishly underestimated the oppenant standing before him.

''My turn, draw.'' said Yuske''I summon blizzard the far north in attack mode.''

''When blizzard is normal summoned I can special summon on blackwing monster from my gave in defense postion, come back bora the spear.''

Blizzard flaps its wings to open a portal in which Bora spins out of and lands on teh ground kneeling. Yusuke looks back at his monsters nooding at them and them nooding back to him.

''I tune my level 2 blizzard and level 4 bora to synchro summon Orient Dragon''

Orient comes crashing from the sky wrapping it's body around Trident. ''When Orient is summoned I ca banish one synchro monster on the field, Banishing breath.'' said Yusuke

Orient breathing a small fire on Trident causing it to disappear from the field.
''N-no, Tri-trident,'' said Ryu with a face of absolute terror, he turns to face back Yusuke trembling in fear.

''Orient attack him directly'' said Yusuke


''I can still live,'' yelled Ryu

''Armor master BLack Hurricane,'' yelled Yusuke as Armor master spins towards Ryu.

''AHAAH, I CAN STILL LIVE,'' said Ryu. ''That's were your wrong, by activating Kalut from my hand Armor master gain an extra 1400 attack,'' said Yusuke.

Armor master stops infront of Ryu as he brings his fist up and strikes Ryu with a punch to the face. Ryu after getting punched is knocked towards the wall. He gets up to see his lifepoints drop to zero.


Walking down a hallway a young lady in a professional business suit. She enters the room infront of her to come face to face with a man who sports a serious and forbodding face.

''Sir, we need you to take a look at this chart,'' said the lady

''What is it,'' said the man

''Ten minutes ago, our computers got a massive influx reading in Brunswick,'' said the lady

''How massive?'' asked the man

''Our reports only show that two people had a duel, but through out the duel the system was going insane,'' said the lady,'' These readings are off the chart, whatever was going on was enough to nearly crash the whole system.''

The man gets up from his seat, he walks towards his window to stare out at the sea. ''Then this means it's almost time before they return,'' said the man,''We aren't even ready to face them.''


In a backalley a man wearing a white masks sits on his d-wheel to only stare at a glowing card in his hand.
''It's almost time, lets hope they are ready for whats ahead.''

The man gets on his d-wheel to drive out of the alley leaving behind a dark aura from the area was he in.

To be continued...

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Re: Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 2: The day of change

Post by Zero on Sat Nov 29, 2014 1:15 am

blackwings arent dead


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