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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 17: True despair in the hope of victory.

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 17: True despair in the hope of victory. Empty Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 17: True despair in the hope of victory.

Post by SoulKitty on Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:10 am


''Balmung attack his Ophion with zero attack,'' ordered Keith as Balmung dashes across the field with his sword raised. Opening his mouth as several thousand tentacles jut out, Balmung slices through them all before slicing his sword straight through ophion.


''I set one card face down and end my turn,'' said Keith as his turn ends. Only managing to get one attack on him was only pathetic as Zeke laughs at Keith with shame. ''You missed your chance to beat me,'' said Zeke as he places three fingers on his deck.

''ITS MY TURN, DRAW,'' said Zeke as a massive shockwave goes across the whole field. Turning his card over as Zeke looks carefully at it, seeing it in his eyes as he smirks wickedly. ''This card was given to me by my master,'' said Zeke as he puts on his spell/trap zone,'I activate the spell card endless despair, this card lets me special summon two monster from my grave onto the field and overlay them.''

As this happens castor and another castor enter the field. ''I overlay my two level 4 castors to exceed summon EVILSWARM BAHAMUT,'' said Zeke as as massive black beast flies out of ophion before landing on the field. ''Next by banishing ophion from my grave I get to add Kerykeion to my hand,'' annoucned Zeke as his wicked appearance grows darker,'' I detahc one overlay unit from Bahamut and discard Kerykeion in order to take control of mist bird.''

As his declaration was made Bahamut opens its wings as black spikes impale Mist bird dragging him over to his side. ''I activate Birds effect which makes your balmung have zero attack,'' said Zeke as the bird flaps its wings sending a shockwave of air which causes balmungs armor to rust.

''Now ophion attack his balmung,'' said Zeke as ophion rushes towards Balmung before devouring him whole.

Keith= 600

''Now Bahamut kill his junk synchron,'' said Zeke as Bahamut Flies above Junk synchron as his brings his hands together to form an energy blast. ''I activate the trap card Scrap-iron scarecrow,'' said Keith. ''I activate infestation pandemic--'' ''I chain another scrap-iron scarecrow,'' said Keith as he cuts Zeke off stopping is assault.

''I end my turn,'' said Zeke as he looks annoyed over what happened.


Please give me what I need thought Keith as his trembling hand draws a card. ''DRAw,'' said Keith as he looks over his hand, as his eyes widen in shock to see what he draw,''I...end my turn..''

''HAHAHAHAAHAH, you have nothing,'' laughed Zeke as he draws his card,''Ophion destroy this fool.''

Just as Ophion devours Junk synchron, Keith is thrown back against ground as he tumbles several feet before hitting his head agaisnt a wall.



''Strange your still alive,'' said Zeke as he kicks Keiths unconsious body,''For your sake lets hope you never see me again.''

---------------to be continued------------

chapter 18: The road to victory will be at the world stage!!

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