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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 13- Burning envoker

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 13- Burning envoker

Post by SoulKitty on Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:20 pm

Engines roar as the ground gets splashed with rain. Vehicles crashing every direction as several duelist just vanish from sight. Stopping is d-wheel to look at what he has done. Removing is crimson red helmet to reveal an oranged haired teenager. His grin smirking as the other horse make their way towards him.

''Oi you guys are extremely slow,'' said the red rider as the other stop infront of him. ''Maybe if you stop going after everyone you see, we wouldn't of lost you,'' said Noah as he removes his helmet ,''Zeke have you gotten any word from our boss?''

Getting off his d-wheel as the white horse man keeping his helmet on stares at Noah before answering,''None at all sir,'' said Zeke as he looks up at the stormy weather,''I think we should get going, before the weather gets worse.''

''You all go ahead, I will meet you at the base,'' said Noah as he drives off.


Off in the distance at the top of Trinity Tower, Yusuke wearing his black hoodie arrives at the location Koga wanted to meet him in. Still being very suspicious as to what is going on, Yusuke stops as the elevator opens up to reveal Koga.

Sporting his pooncho and cowboy hat as his long brown hair flows in the wind. ''So you've arrived then Yusuke,'' said Koga as Yusuke walks up towards him. ''Why did you want to meet up here Koga,'' asked Yusuke as he notices the grey clouds getting closer to the tower.

''There are things happening in this world,'' said Koga as he puts his duel disk on,''You won;t understand them now, but I can't afford you to evolve to the next step.''

Shocked at Koga's words, Yusuke tries to get his composour back as he stares him head on and puts his duel disk on. ''I don't know what your talking about, but I will take your challenge.''

''Duel'' said Yusuke and Koga in unison

''I will go first,'' said Koga as he draws his starting five cards,''I set five cards face down and end my turn.''

Setting five cards into the spell and trap zone, as the winds appears to pick up stronger.

''It's my turn, Draw,''said Yusuke,''I activate the spell card Black whirlwind,'' said Yusuke as the card appears infront of him,''Next I normal summon Shura the blue flame.''

Shura appearing out of the sky in a blue flame spiral. Landing onto the ground as the flames expand and explode outwards. ''Since he was summoned whirlwind lets me add one blackwing monster to my hand.''

Adding blackwing zephyros the elite to his hand, Yusuke looks at Koga's field with fear. Gritting his teeth as he ignores this fear Yusuke enters his battle phase,''Shura attack him directly,'' said Yusuke as Shura flies up into the sky and falls down in a blue spiral and hits Koga.

Koga: 8000->6200

''I set one card face down and end my turn,'' said Yusuke as he smirks confidently at the world champ before him.

''I activate the trap card Inquist the law,'' said Koga,''This card lets me draw up to five cards to my hand If i have none, but I must pay 800 life points for each card I draw.'' Yusuke being taken back by this move is instead silenced by Kogas next move. ''Now I chain evoked charge, If I take any burn damage this turn it's instead inflicted to my oppenant,'' said Koga as he draws five cards to his hand.

A flame funnel juts out of Inquist the law as it strikes Yusuke. Being sents back from the hit, Yusuke can't help but smell real smoke.

Yusuke: 8000->4000

''It's my turn, Draw,''said Koga as he looks at his cards,''I activate the trap card Forceful advance, this cards forces both players to summon every monster in their hand onto the field,'' said Koga.

Yusuke looks at his hand, as sirocco, zephy, bora and Kalut are summoned onto the field. ''Wait why even do a tactic like this,'' asked Yusuke as he is shocked to see two monster he has never seen before on Koga's side of the field.

''This deck I haven't revealed to the world stage yet,'' said Koga as he flaming Lizard in armor holding a gun and a red haired women in a black outfit that exposes his waist, legs and arms stand before Koga.

''I activate the spell card Polymerization,'' said Koga as his two monsters fly up into the sky before colliding together into a ball of light,''I fusion summon, Inquisitor, Righteous Executioner.''

A flaming beast, weilding a large axe as he twirls it around. This beast flaming hair goes all the way down to his lower back as his burned face snickers at Yusukes monsters.

Executioner=2300 attack, 2100 defense level 8

''This card battles every monster my oppenant controls and inflicts two hundred points of damage to my oppenant,'' said Koga as Yusuke looks on in fear.

''I activate the trap card, Icarus attack,'' said Yusuke,''by tributing one winged beast type monster I can target two cards on the field and destroy them,'' said Yusuke as he tributes his kalut to target Koga's monster and his set card.

''Trap card open, Blazing fury,'' said Koga,''when a pyro monster I control is targeted by an effect I can send it back to hand and summon another monster from the hand or extra deck, depending on the level,''said Koga as his fusion goes back into the extra deck and what comes out is a new monster.

''Come forth Inquisitor, The Burning Envoker,''yelled Koga as a burnt to black female wearing ruined cloths and has flaming red hair.

Envoker= level 8, 3000 attack, 2400 defense

''I activate her effect, if you control more monster then me, by discarding a card from and I get to target one monster on the field and inflict damage to you equal to it's attack,'' said Koga as envoker shoots a fire ball at sirocco as he passes through him and hits Yusuke.


''Next I activate her second effect,'' said Koga,''If this card was summoned without using polymerization I can target one monster from my extra deck and gain its effect,'' said Koga as he send executioner to the grave. ''Now envoker ATTACK YUSUKE AND DESTROY HIS LIFE POINTS.''

Envoker rushes at Yusuke as she destorys every monster he controls and sends his life points to zero.

Sitting in his apartment , in the middle of a storm, as a stranger looks up as he senses something strange,''Looks like Yusuke has been defeated, hehehehe now we can move onto the next stage,'' said the stranger.

---------------to be continued-------------

chapter 14: The next step into evolution?

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