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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist soul chapter 10: Hate fueled pain! Battle summon?

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist soul chapter 10: Hate fueled pain! Battle summon?

Post by SoulKitty on Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:15 pm


Ryu trembling in fear as all his monsters disappear before him. One by one as they all burn within the flames of torrential tribute, grabbing his head as he tries to block out all their screams of pain and terror. Ryu picking his head up as he notices Sleckov laughing in an almost erotic and sadistic voice.

''HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is amazing,'' yelled Sleckov as he laughs higher and higher,''Your despair, your saddness, it's so delicious, i'm going to enjoy slaughtering you.''

Ryu gripping the ground as a he shakes and trembles in fear. ''I-i..end my turn.''

''It's my turn draw,'' said Sleckov,''I special summon Judgement dragon and Lightray Diabolos.''

Flashing from the sky two massive dragons appear as the fall onto the ground.
One appears to have plates of armor cover it's body , the other is a massive dragons covered in feathers from head to toe. It's massive red claws slam onto the ground a massive shock wave ripples through out the whole field.

''Now my pets, ATTACK HIM DIRECTLY,'' yelled Sleckov as all three of his monsters charge their attacks.

Ry staring at the monsters before him knowing he has no hope of winning. Thinking to himself as he wonders how it all could of gone this wrong. ''I've failed you mom, I will never make it as a pro.''

Remembering the last words his mom told him the night before she dies,''The world may throw obstecles at you, but all you need to do is stand back up.''

Ryu slowly starts to pick himself up off the ground, remembering everything his parents and brother has ever done for him. Ryu grips his fist as he remembers all the times he has screwed up and all the times he was cheated out of everything.

''Death spiral BEAM,'' yelled Sleckov as all three dragons fire at Ryu. All three attacks hit Ryu as a massive explosion engulfs his entire section of the field. ''HAHAHAHAH you never stood a chance agaisnt me,'' said Sleckov as starts to walk off the field.

Being stopped as his duel disk askes him if he wishes to forefit the match. Looking down at the duel disk as he sees the life point counter, Sleckov's eyes grow large as he is shocked at what he sees.


Sleckov turns around as he sees an almost demonic looking Ryu emerge out of the smoke and ash. ''Hhehehehehhehheh, you think you had me all worked out,,'' said Ryu as out of the smoke emerges a three headed black and white dragons. This beast towers over all the monsters on Sleckov's field, it's body appears to have several plates of armor around it as he roars at sleckov almost sending the entire prison collapsing.

''Battle summon,' said Ryu,'' It my life points are lower then my oppenants during your battle phase by banishing the required monster from grave, and by paying 1000 life points i'm able to battle summon.''

A red aura surrounds Ry as he grows a devilish grin,''Meet my new friend TRIDENT BESERKER DRAGON.'' Sleckov starts to tremble in fear over this new monster. ''Since I successfully battle summoned your battle phase ends.''

Sleckov watches as his duel disk forces him into his main phase 2. Taking a look at Ryu's duel disk he notices the new monster is a red plated card as it has a total of 4000 attack and 2900 defense.

''I activate Judgment Dragon's effect,'' said Sleckov. ''I activate breakthrough skill,'' said Ryu as judgment Dragon calls off it's own effect.

''It's my turn, draw!'' said Ryu,''Since I have below 800 life points I get to sacrifice 3 cards on any side of the field.''

Trident rips off it's chest armor as a demonic face opens up and sucks in Beelze, judgment dragon, and lighray. ''Now trident can attack you four times this turn.''

''Trident Dragon, HELL FIRE STORM,'' yelled Ryu as Trident unleashes a massive blaze of fire that engulfs Sleckov.

Screaming in true agonizing pain, Sleckov falls to the ground as he brain enters a comatose state from massive shock.


''hahahahahaahahhahaahahahahahahahah,'' laughed Ryu as stands victorious over Sleckov. Far off from a distance the warden stands stunned over what he just saw,''So this is what they wanted.''


''Sir we've gotten a massive reading over at tremlose prison,'' said a scientist as he looks over a screen. Coming up off his chair to walk over to the scientist who appears to be worried.

''What do you see,'' said the man as he looks over the screen,''Damnit, it's happening too fast.''

The man walks out of the room, looking back at the screen as it goes all over the place to massive amounts of energy readings the go beyond 100%

---------------------------to be continued--------------------------

next chapter: Long forgotten past.

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