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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist soul chapter 9: Rebirth of Ryu, the ultimate Dragunity combo?

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist soul chapter 9: Rebirth of Ryu, the ultimate Dragunity combo? Empty Yu-gi-oh! Duelist soul chapter 9: Rebirth of Ryu, the ultimate Dragunity combo?

Post by SoulKitty on Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:13 pm

The slam of a five dollar bill echos across the loud bar, almost everyone stops in silence as the crazed laughs of a man can be heard. Having two women wrapping their arms around him Koga laughs as his is flushed over with the signs of being drunk. ''HAHAHAHAAHAAHH another good sir,'' said Koga as he brings these two girls closer to him who appear to be twins,''and give some for these lovely ladies over here.''

Three large glasses of beer get slide down towards Koga as he catches them without an struggle. ''So mister tamagachi what brings you here,'' said the twins as they get closer to Koga. ''I'm here to see my brother,'' said Koga as he chugs down the large glass before slamming it back down onto the table,''the bastard got himself thrown in jail.''

As koga is about to take another sip he gets smacked across the face. Falling face first into the ground, Koga shakes his head as he sees his assitant Elizabeth towering over him. ''What was that for!'' yelled Koga as he gets back on his feet. ''Your brother is in jail and you get drunk instead of trying to get him out!,'' yelled Elizabeth,''you should be ashamed of yoursel-.'' Koga places his finger on Elizabeth's mouth to calm her down,''My brother isn't that stupid, he is in there for one good reason.'' Koga dusting himself off pays for all his drinks as he walks out of the bar.

''HHAAHAHAHAHAHA, ISN'T IT MAGNIFICENT,'' yelled Sleckov as he his hand grips his hair,''This is the power that I have gained!''

''YOU DIDN'T GAIN SHIT,'' yelled Ryu as he grabs Sleckov's attention,''You stole that card from my mother, and i'm getting it back!''

Sleckov releasing small wicked grin as he takes two cards from his hand and sets them,''Fine then, take it back, I end my turn''

''It's my turn, draw,'' said Ryu as he looks over his hand,''Damn this combo was easier when ravine was around.'' Ryu looking back at his deck he takes a deep breath as he starts to plan out how to do this,'' I activate foolish burial, this card lets me send one monster from my deck to grave, and i pick Dragunity Phalanx.'' Ryu looking over his deck sends one of his copies of Phalanx to grave right before he shuffles his deck. ''Tempest effect activates from my hand, by discarding him and one wind type monster to grave I can add one dragon type,'' said Ryu as he discards Tempest and Garuda to grave,''Now i add Dragunity arma mystletainn.'' ''I set two cards face down and end my turn.''

Sleckov smiles as he starts to realize Ryu's plan of action ,''My turn, draw,'' said Sleckov as he starts at the card before him.''

''I summon lightsworn Lumina in attack mode,'' said Sleckov as he lumina appears out of a sphere of light that almost blinds Ryu,''I activate his effect by discarding one level 4 or lower Lighsworn monster I can special summon one from grave.'' Sleckov deciding to discard his ehren to grave, pick Minvera out of the bunch to summon.

Minvera being carried out of the grave by a white owl. The owl lands her onto the ground as she stands next to Sleckov. Her expression is that of pure sorrow and pain. Ryu shakes his head as he thought he saw the hologram give off a human like expression.

''Now all my monster will attack you directly,'' said Sleckov as all his monster launch an all out assault on Ryu. Getting hit causes him to scream right as Beelze attack launches him across the room.


''I end my turn,'' laughed Sleckov as he pretty much has this duel in the bag.

Ryu struggles to get back up, falling back onto his knees he pants heavily. Managing to get back onto his feet, he dusts himself off. ''I'm betting on this one play, It's my turn draw,'' Ryu drawing his card as he hopes he gets what he needs, checking what he got he smiles happly. ''I summon dragunity Dux,'' said Ryu as dux flies down from the sky landing down as he leaves a crater on the ground,''Since he was summoned I get to equip one Dragunity monster from my grave and i chose Phalanx.''

'Since Phalanx was equiped I get to normal summon him,'' said Ryu as he switches Phalanx from the spell and trap zone to monster zone,''Now i tribute pahalanx to special summon arma.'' Phalanx turns in a orb as of light as his form changes to that of Draguntiy Arma.

''Now I can requip then summon Phalanx again,'' said Ryu ,''Now I tune my level 2 phalanx to my level 4 dux in order to synchro summon Dragunity Vajrayana.'' Vajrayana coems bursting out of the sky as he lands behind Ryu.

''Now vajrayana will let me requip Phalanx, then I can normal summon him,'' said Ryu as he now has Arma , phalanx, and Vajrayana on field.

''Now I overlay both my level 6 Arma and Vajrayana in order to exceed summon Hieratic Dragon King of Atum.''

Both Arma and Vaj turn int orbs of light that combine together as they form a blue dragon covered from head to toe in armor. Atum releases a roar as he stands before Ryu and Sleckov. ''By detaching one overlay unit I get to special summon 1 dragon type monster from my deck to field and I pick Red-eyes Darkness metal dragon.

Sleckov looking unimpressed as he yawns in boredom. Looking over Ryu's field knowing he can't pull off the one turn knock out.

''I activate Darkness metal's effect once per turn I get to special summon one dragon type monster and I pick Phalanx,'' said Ryu as once again Phalanx appears onto the field,''Now i activate Garuda's effect from grave, by banishing one wind type monster from grave I can special summon him from grave and I pick tempst.''

Garuda comes speeding out of a portal as he flies out of the grave almost giving off joy for being free. ''Since tempest was banished I get to add one wind type monster, and I pick my second Arma.'' Ryu adds another Arma to his hand,''Now I send my phalanx to grave in order to special summon Arm, thus letting me equip him and summonign him back to field.'' Ryu having his whole field full knowing it's time to full fill this.

''I can't dilly dally now,'' said Ryu,''I have to end it soon.''

''I tune my level 4 garuda with my level 2 phalanx to synchro summon Dragunity knight- gae dearg.'' Gae slides onto the ground as he releases a massive roar. ''Since he was summoned I get to add one dragon or winged beast type monster to my hand, then discard a card.' ''I pick blackwing- zephyros and discard him.''

''Now i overlay gae with arma to summon Atum,'' said Ryu,''Now my detaching another overlay unit i special summon Leyvaten.

Leyvaten appears flying out of Ryu's deck onto the field in defense mode,''Since he was special summoned I get to summon one Dragunity monster and I pick my phalanx. ''

''Now by tuning my level 8 leyvaten with my level 2 phalanx I synchro summon my level 10 Trident draigon,'' said Ryu.

''I activate Torrential tribute,'' said Sleckov,''Since you summoned a monster all monsters on field get destroyed, but oh wait BEELZE CAN'T BE DESTROYED.'

Ryu shocked as he sees all his monster die in a fiery blaze. When the fire settles all his monsters are gone. Trembling as he falls onto the floor in fear.

''hahahahahahahahahaha, you have no hope of winning,'' said Sleckov as he rolls on the floor laughing.

''W--what do I do,''said Ryu.

--------------------------------to be continued-------------------

Next chapter: Hate fueled pain! Battle summon?

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