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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul chapter 8: Dragon user vs the ultimate dragon of darkness, whats the plan?

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul chapter 8: Dragon user vs the ultimate dragon of darkness, whats the plan?

Post by SoulKitty on Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:11 pm

Sniff...can be heard as a child sits alone on a park bench. Tears falling from his face as it lands on the ground. His head staring down at the ground as he wipes his tears off. ''Hey, whats the matter kid,'' said some stranger. ''I have nothing left..,'' said a much younger yusuke. The stranger reaches his hand out and picks yusuke up, having a good look at this person shows him to be maybe four years older then Yusuke. ''Well why not let me help?,'' asked the kid. ''Thank whats your name?,'' asked Yusuke. ''Noah Altorie,'' said Noah.

''Judgment Dragon, JUDGMENT BURST STREAM,'' yelled Sleckov as he commands his judgment dragon to attack Ryu. A massive white beam strikes Ryu's empty field as he screams from facing the full impact of the attack.

ryu= 0

''Damnit..damnit...damnit,'' yelled Ryu as he punches the ground in rage. Standing up from his feet as he stares Sleckov directly in his eyes, their eyes locking in place as Sleckov releases a nasty grin. ''What does a weakling like you want?,'' asked Sleckov. ''Were dueling again!,'' announced Ryu,''and I won't take no for an answer.''

Sleckov grabs Ryu by the neck as he slams his head against the grond of the duel field. ''Then I might as well beat no into your head,'' said Sleckov as he repeatedly strikes Ryu several times in the head with his hard fist,,'HAAHAHAAHAAHA SO ARE YOU GONNA TAKE FOR AN ANSWER NOW, ARE YOU ARE YOU!'' Sleckov's next punch gets stopped as guards begin to restrain Sleckov. The warden walking past Ryu as he faces Sleckov, towering over him with an intimedating face and body language. His military jacket with his 8 stars and 5 medals on them are clearly shown when looking at him. '' we have to put you in solitary confinment again Sleckov?,'' asked the warden.

Sleckov falls to his knees as he begs at the wardens feet,''But warden Ryu started it, I was only defending myself but I know I lost it,'' said Sleckov,''and I don't expect forgivness.''

''Sleckov is to be sent to the psych ward,'' said the warden as he turns to face Ryu,'' as for you, SOLITARY CONFINMENT!''

Those words shock Ryu as his fist tightens, in that moment of anger Ryu brings his fist close to the wardens face. The warden grabs Ryu's fist as he pulls him in closer, with Ryu getting dragged he feels a large impact in his stomach. Seeing the wardens fist in his stomach as he falls down to his knees, the last thing he sees is the butt of a gun hit him in the face.

Waking up after sometime Ryu scans his surroundings he comes to the conclusion that he isn't in his cell, but in solitary confinement.

Walking to his car in the prisons parking lot the warden gets surprised to see another man in his car. Pulling out a gun as he aism it at this strangers head,''WHO ARE YOU,'' asked the warden.

''Geez is that how you treat your boss,'' said the stranger as he laughs. ''Your a bit too young to be my boss,'' remarked the warden. ''Then let me refresh your memory, Autumns rain is like the end of all mens rule,'' said the stranger.

Dropping his gun as he calmly enters his car, locking it and closing the windows as he gets in. ''Now I take it your helping our plans,'' asked the stranger. ''I am,'' said the warden,''Ryu's rage will help you develop the next piece.''

''Good,'' said the stranger as he claps his hands together in joy,''and please make sure you push Ryu to his breaking point, I need him to advance to the next step.'' ''Understood,'' said the warden as he hears the door open and slam shut. Coming up to the window of the driver seat a man wearing a black business suit walks past the warden and seems to have disappeared.


Throwing his cards against a wall as he punches the ground. Ryu enraged that he can't think of a way to beat Sleckov. ''What am I doing wrong,'' said Ryu as he picks his cards up. He looks at his dragion card as he ponders as to were he went wrong. ''We've been through thick and thin,'' said Ryu as he calms down,''maybe I need to change my tactics.'' Ryu begins to look through the cards he has as he starts to change around many of the traps and spells. Ryu starts to think up what combos he can do with which hand or cards.

A week goes by before Ryu is released from solitary confinement. Standing amoung the crowd of prisoners as he scans for Sleckov. Finding his target sitting alone eating away at a steak with beastly speed. ''Sleckov I challenge you to a duel,'' said Ryu as Sleckov stands up from his table. With nearly the whole prison going silent from Ryu's declaration. ''I have no time for you,'' said Sleckov as he starts to leave the cafeteria. ''Might be because you fear me sleckov,'' said Ryu.

Sleckov stops as he hears what Ryu dares say. ''Fine then, I guess we can duel,'' said Sleckov with an almost devilsh grin on his face.

Both duelest enter the arena as a massive crowd gathers to watch them both. The warden standing high above the rest watches closely at Ryu,''Please show us something special.''

''Guess I will go first,'' said Sleckov as he draws his five cards.


''I activate charge of light,'' said Sleckov,''This card has me send the top three cards of my deck to the grave but i can add one level 4 or lower Lightsworn monster to my hand.'' Sleckov sends a Ryko, raiden, and a minerva. ''Minerva's effect activates, since she was sent to the grave from hand or deck i can send two more cards to grave.'' Sleckov sends a lyla and a Wulf,''Since Wulf was milled I can special summon him.''

Wulf appears in a light tunnel as he makes his appearence. Slashing away before he stands still next to Sleckov. Sleckov adds one lumina to his hand.

''Now I summon the level 4 dark tuner witch of the black rose,'' annoucned Sleckov as witch appears out of a blooming rose in a shower of petals. ''Now i synchro summon,'' said Sleckov as witch turns into black orbs that infect and twist Wulf's form,''Be born from the ever dark shadows of hell, devour all in your path, SYNCHRO SUMMON LEVEL 8 BEELZE OF THE DIABOLIC DRAGON.''

A massive pentagram appears from the ground as purple flames shoot out of it. Two dragon heads comes out releasing a massive roar, in the middle of the dragon is a human figure that is attached to it's body.

Ryu trembles abit at the site of beelze, but stands his ground. ''I guess the real fight begins now.''

----------------------------to be continued-------------------------

next chapter: Rebirth of Ryu, the ultimate dragunity combo!

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