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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul chapter 5: Resolution in the desperate situation

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 Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul chapter 5: Resolution in the desperate situation Empty Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul chapter 5: Resolution in the desperate situation

Post by SoulKitty on Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:05 pm

Tightening his grips, as Yusuke stares before him at Shooting Star Dragon. He trembles a bit at it's sit, as he starts to wonder how Keith could of ever lost his deck.

''Since I synchro summoned, T.g Librarian allows me to draw one card,' said Kazu as he draws one card from the deck. He smirks at the card he looks at,''Now I set cards face down.''

Yusuke snaps back into reality as he looks back at Kazu's field. He has two monsters on field, is he going to synchro summon with them. thought Yusuke, Or is he planning something else with them.

''I end my turn,'' said Kazu.

''Fine then It's my turn, draw,''said Yusuke,'' I summon Blackwing-zephroys the elite.

Zephroys enter field in a gust of wind as he and Shura nod at each other.''Now I normal summoned a Blackwing monster whirlwind lets me add one blackwing monster from my deck to hand,'' said Yusuke as a card juts out of his deck,''Now I special summon the level three tuner monster Blackwing-Breeze the Zephyr.''

Breeze flys out of the sky as it leaves a small jet stream to end up landing ontop of Yusuke's D-wheel.''Now I special summon Bora the Spear,'' said Yusuke as Bora lands on the ground next to Shura and Zephyros.

''Now I overlay my my level 4 Bora the spear with my level 4 Shura the blue flame,'' said Yusuke as they both turn into orbs of light that enter into a portal,''I EXCEED SUMMON Ice Beast ZeroFyne.''

Ice beast flies out of the portal as she flies next to Yusuke,''My detaching one overlay unit Ice beast can negate the effcts of all face up cards my oppenant controls and she gains 300 attack for each face up card on the field,'' said Yusuke as Ice beast sends shards of ice at all the cards Kazu controls freezing them all in place. Her attack rises from 2000 to 4100. Kazu looking unworried simply smiles.

''Now I synchro summon my level 4 Zephroys and my level 3 breeze,'' said Yusuke as both cards fly up into the air,''Be born from the clouds above us and take flight, unleash your power and pierce beyond the heavens, SYNCHRO SUMMON, LEVEL 7 BLACKWING-ARMOR MASTER''

Armor Master lands in a massive fly onto the ground as he brushes his hands over causing the smoke to clear from him.

''By bouncing my whirlwind back to my hand, I can special summon Zephroys from grave,'' said Yusuke,''but at the cost of 400 lifepoints.''

With whirlwind being sent back to hand and paying the 400 he is needed to do inorder to summon Zephroys back into the field. Yusuke looks confident in his chances.



''Now battle,'' commanded Yusuke,'' Ice beast attack his Shooting star.''


''Well then armor master attack his Librarian,'' said Yusuke as Armor master punches his fist into Librarians chest as it gets destoryed.



''Now Zephroys attack his quickdraw,'' said Yusuke as Quickdraws goes to the grave,''Hmp not so tough are you.''

''You know it's not over,'' said Kazu as Yusuke ends his turn.

''It's my turn, draw,'' said Kazu,''I activate both my call of the haunted so i can bring back formula and librarian.'' With both formula and Librarian back in the field Yusuke looks carefully at the oppenants field.

''Now I summon unknown synchron,'' said Kazu,'' I can use his effect to special summon Junk synchro.''

With junk back onto the field Kazu smiles. ''Now i synchro summon my level 3 junk synchron and level 2 unknown synchron to summon JUNK WARRIOR.''

Junk warrior breaks his way through the ground as he twirls around and launches his fist before he lands next to Kazu. ''Now I synchro summon my level 5 Junk warrior , Librarian and level 2 formula so I can summon SHOOTING QUASAR DRAGON.''

Kazu gets engulfed into a massive light as he disappears for the light to soon speed past Yusuke. Almost getting knocked off his d-wheel, Yusuke looks in shock to see Quasar right before his eyes.

''Now i activate double summon,''said Kazu,''This lets me normal summon an additional time.'' ''Now i summon Junk synchron, and with that i can synchro summon level eater and him to bing out armoy arm.''

Armory Arm gets in the field as Kazu laughs.''Now equiping it to Quasar will allow him to gain 1000 points of power during the damage step and inflict damage to you equal to it's attack.''

''Now quasar attack his Ice beast zerofyne,'' said Kazu as Quasar fires a massive blast at Zerofyne that destorys it but it heads towards Yusuke damaging him and sending him sliding across the field.




Sliding out of control, Yusuke panics as he can;t bring the d-wheel back into place. ''Damnit I can't die here,'' said Yusuke as the d-wheel flies off the construction zone into the smelting zone.

Kazu riding forwards laughs believing he won the duel. Soon a the reveeing of a monsterous engine comes closer to Kazu. Looking behind him he is shocked to see a white and greyish d-wheel come racign towards Kazu.

''N-No....way,'' said Kazu with a terrified look,''T-the...pale rider.''

Looking closely at the pale rider Kazu can see Yusuke sitting on the d-wheel with him.

''Thank you, for saving me,'' said Yusuke looking back at the rider who is covering his face with his helmet.

''Just win this duel,'' said the pale rider.

''Quasar attack his Zephroys and end this duel,'' said Kazu as Quasar fires another blast at Yusuke.

''I activate book of moon,'' yelled Yusuke.

''I use Quasar's effect to negate you book of moon,'' yelled Kazu

''I CHAIN BLACK-SONIC,'' yelled Yusuke,'' this card banishes all face-up attack postion monsters on the oppenants field if a blackwing monster I control is attacked.''

With quasar's attack coming closer Zephroys flaps his wings that it starts to form a cyclone that sucks up quasar. When the cyclone disappears quasar is no where in sight.

''I-i...end my turn,'' said Kazu.

''It's my turn, draw,'' said Yusuke,''I attack you directly wit zephroys.''

Zephroys slashes at Kazu causing his d-wheel to shake up a bit.

''Now Armor master will attack you directly,'' said Yusuke as Armor master rushes at Kazu,'' I chain kalut to give and extra 1400 attack to armor master.''

Armor master grows an aura as punches kazu in his face sending the d-wheel flying across the field into a wall.


Yusuke= 2600 WINNER


next chapter: And then. came the pale horse.

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