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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul chapter 4: riding the wing, lets go accel synchro

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul chapter 4: riding the wing, lets go accel synchro

Post by SoulKitty on Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:04 pm

The night time scene of Neo brunswick is a time of peace. Families go out and play but all is not peaceful. In the construction zone of the new power plant two d-wheels pass right by the weak support beams. Yusuke getting hitting repeatedly from behind almost causes him to almost crash into the smelting pit.

Almost unable to keep his terrified expression. Yusuke stares back at his oppenants field. ''How did I get in this situation.''

12 hours earlier

''Ok so it was a number two with two large soda,'' said Yusuke working at the drive thru.

''No I ordered three number fours with two large milkshakes and a soda,'' said the driver who clearly looks annoyed as his child cries in the back with his nagging wife yelling at him.

After several minutes Yusuke got the right order for the driver. Seeing them leave Yusuk sighs in relief, with money tight he has been forced to work at a fast food joint. The pay is alright but the annoying customers make it nearly unbearable for him to even want to keep working.

Hearing the sounds of a motor bike come closer to the window Yusuke puts his hate back on so he can get ready.

''Well i'll be damned, thought I never see you again,''said the customer.

Looking back at him, Yusuke sqwinting his eyes. He gets shocked as a large smile grows on his face. ''Keith Alistair...cry baby keith.,'' said Yusuke.

''HEY I ONLY CRIED ONE TIME,'' said Keith as he grabs Yusuke and starts to noggie him.

''That is the biggest lie ever,'' said Yusuke as he playfully laughs at him,'' You used to cry about almost anything.''

Letting go of him he proceeds to fist bump Yusuke. ''So what brings you to Brunswick,'' asked Keith.

''Well i'm trying to start my pro career,'' said Yusuke as his hand rubs his chin while he sports a cocky smile.

''So you start off working in a run down fast food joint,'' laughed Keith.

''Shutup it isn't easy,'' said Yusuke as he looks embarrassed.

''Well I can help you with that,'' said Keith,''Do you know Koga.''

''Five time world champ,'' said Yusuke.

''Yeah, well he started off as an under ground duelist,'' said Keith,'' maybe going under ground duels can help you get noticed.''

''I don't know under ground duels as pretty scetchy,'' said Yusuke.

''Just try it man,'' said Keith.


11 hours pass as Keith brings Yusuke to the under ground duel spot.

''This is Brunswick under ground duel spot, all struggling duelist come here,'' said Keith.

''You have some nerve to show your face around here,'' said Tall man wearing a sleeve less vest and sporting a mowhawk.

''I'm only showing my friend the area around Kazu,'' said Keith as his head stares down at the ground.

''Oh your friend, if he is your friend he must be as bad as you,'' laughed Kazu.

''Why would you let them speak to you like this,'' asked Yusuke.

''I-I...,'' said Keith.

''Well if you want to make it here you have to go through me,'' said Kazu.

The crowd around them start to chant Kazu's name as they bring around two d-wheels. With them all stomping their feet.

''Fine I guess i have no choice,'' said Yusuke as he climbs onto the d-wheel.

''Wait Yusuke,'' said Keith as he tries to warn Yusuke, but it's too late. Yusuke's legs get chained tight to the d-wheel.

''This is a winner takes all duel, if you lose i take your deck,'' said Kazu.

''Lets just do this,''yelled Yusuke.

Both bikes start to drive as both Yusuke and kazu enter into the construction zone.

''Duel,' said both of them in unison.

''I will go first,'' said Yusuke,''I activate the spell card black whirlwind.''

His spell card flashes up onto the field.''Once per turn whenever a blackwing monster is normal summoned, I can add one blackwing monster with attack lower then it into my hand.''

''I summon Blackwing-Shura the blue flame','' said Yusuke.

Shura flies out of the sky as he poses an action pose with two blue flames coming out of his hands. ''Now I add blackwing-zephroys the elite,'' said Yusuke,'' then i set two cards face down.''

Two face down cards appear next to whirlwind as they disappear.''I end my turn.''

Smirking Kazu slows down as he goes behind Yusuke.''It's my turn, draw,'' said Kazu,''I activate the spell card tuning, this card lets me add one synchron tuner from my deck to my hand and then send the top card of my deck to the graveyard.''


''As I said, the loser loses his deck,'' said Kazu,''Now I add the tuner monster junk synchron.''

Sending the top card of his deck he sees he sent level eater. ''Now I activate another tuning in order for me to add quickdraw synchron,'' said Kazu as he adds it to his hand and then mills quillbolt hedghog.

''Now since you control a monster and I don't i can special summon from my hand unknown synchron.''

Unknow gets summoned onto to the field as it's on eye blinks in saddness.

''Next by discarding my second level eater to grave I can special summon quickdraw synchron.''

Quickdraw gets onto the field as he takes both his guns to shoot and then puts them back into his holsters.

''Now by reducing quickdraws level to 4 i can special summon level eater onto the field.''

Eater get onto the field as he bites into quickdraw shrinking it's size.

''Next I normal summon my level 3 junk synchron.''

Junk synchron enters the field as he pops out of a small junk pile.

''Junk synchron when normal summoned lets me special summon 1 monster from my grave onto the field,'' said Kazu,''I pick quillbolt.''

Another eater enter the fields.

''Now I tune both my level 2 quillbolt with my level 3 Junk synchron in order to synchro summon T.g Librarian.''

Junk synchro turns on a cord as it turns into stars that circle quillbolt . Coming out of the light is T.g Librarian.

''Now I tune my level eater with my unknown synchron, to synchro summon formula synchro.''

Both unknown and eater circle around each other as they deconstruct each other and form into a formula one race car that sprouts a head and a arms and legs.

''Now since a synchro monster was summoned I can draw one card and since formula was successfully summoned I get to draw one card.''

After drawing two card Kazu smirks he beings to laugh.''Now I use level eater to lower T.g's level to 4 and special summon him.''

''Now since I control a tuner monster from I get to special summon quillbolt from grave.''

Quillbolt gets onto the field as he kneels down in defense.

''Now I tune my formula with quil and t.g,'' said Kazu,'' I SYNCHRO SUMMON STARDUST DRAGON.''

Stardust appears onto the field as it;s wings a expand with a flash of bright light.

''Now i activate soul charge by pay 1000 of my life points i get to special summon a monster from my grave.''

After paying 2000 life points Kazu is left at 6000 lp's brings back formula and T.g.


A blinding light engulf the field as a strong wind almost knocked Yusuke d-wheel off the track and into a building.

Coming out of the light Shooting Star flies out infront of Yusuke it stares at and roars in his face.


-------------to be continued------------------

next chapter: Resolution in the desperate situation.

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