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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 1: Fly birds of freedom

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 1: Fly birds of freedom Empty Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 1: Fly birds of freedom

Post by SoulKitty on Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:01 pm

Staring down at burnt ashes, hands digging desperately through it. With fear and sadness shown across his face as he struggles, to find it.
''It has to be here, please let it be here.'', said the young boy as his face burst into tears. In that moment he found it, a single card among the ashes. As he holds it close to him, he sits there alone throught the night.

6 years later

As the sun rises above the futuristic city of Neo Brunswick. The biggest city in the world, home of the most advanced dueling technology and stadiums. This city is the heart and soul of the dueling community. Brunswick is also home to Star corp.

''Trident Dragon, wipe out his life points'' yells Ryu.''Tri Burst stream'' yells Ryu with his fierce voice. His oppenant sent flying from the force Trident Dragon generated.

''Why do you, keep trying to face me, all you have are pathetic cards that can't even stand a chance against me''said Ryu as he looks down at his opponant.

This marks Ryu's twenty one win to zero loses. His opponent gets up in tears. The young child saddened by yet another lose.

''I know i can beat you''said the young kid as he stares back at Ryu.
Far off at the cities train station, steps out a sixteen year old, sporting a black jacket, red shirt, jeans and sneakers.

''So this is Neo Brunswick,'' said the teen as he looks at the city in amazement,''This place looks incredible''

The teen explores the vast city, visiting shop after shop after. After several hours of exploring the teen stumbles across two people dueling.

''AHHHHHHHHH'' yelled the young boy as he is sent flying from the force scrap dragon made.

''HAHAHAHAHAHAHA another win, and this pathetic child doesn't give up,'' said Ryu as he mocks the child.

The young teen steps in to intervene. ''Hey there is no need to insult your opponent'' said the teen. Much to Ryu's surprise he simply stares at the strange

''Who the hell are you, for butting into my duel''said Ryu

''Imma be the one to teach you a lesson'' said the teen with a voice of confidence.

''Those are fighting words, I guess i can take you on'', said Ryu,''This runt is getting boring.''

The teen sets his duel disk onto his arm as he puts his deck in. ''Duel'' said both of them in unionson.



''My turn, draw'' said Ryu'' I set 3 cards face down, and I summon cardcar d, I activate his effect, by tributing him i can draw 2 cards but I am sent into my end phase.'' Ryu draws his two cards, his face boasts confidence as he draws the cards he needs''I end my turn''

''It's my turn, draw'' said the teen''I summon Blackwing-Bora the spear in attack mode.'' Ryu begins to laugh at the sight of a blackwing.

''Your such a waste of time, of all deck Blackwings, I'm going to wipe the floor with you...whats you'er name,''said Ryu.

''My name is Yusuke Kiryu''said Yusuke,''Now bora will attack you directly''

Bora moves in swiftly jabbing his spear into Ryu. Ryu stumbles back from the impact holding onto his chest.



''My turn, draw''said Ryu,''Now i activate my set card cards of consonance, by discarding my phalanx I am able to draw 2 cards.'' Ryu draws his two card''Next I summon Dragunity Dux, when Dux is summoned I can equip one draguntiy from my grave, and I pick Phalanx,''said Ryu.

''Now I use Phalanx effect to summon him onto my field,''said Ryu,'' Now by using my level 2 tuner phalanx and my level 4 monster Dux I synchro summon Dragunity Knight-Vajrayana''

A flash of light appears as Vajrayana appears out of the light

''Now I use Vaj's effect to equip Phalanx and i use Phalanx to summon him again, next i tribute Phalanx to special summon Dragunity Arma Mystletainn, then I use his effect to equip Phalanx then Phalanx again.'' said Ryu

Yusuku looking in amazement at the sit before him, he looks back at his cards in hand knowing he can live.

''Now I use my Phalanx and Vaj to synchro summon Stardust dragon''yelled Ryu.

''Arma will attack your Bora'' announced Ryu

Arma slices Bora to pieces as Bora dies from the battle


''Stardust Dragon will attack you directly''

Stardust fires at massive beam at Yusuku sending him flying against a wall.


''I end my turn''

''My turn, I draw'' said Yusuke. He smirks at his opponent.

''I summon Blackwing-Shura the blue flame, since I have a blackwing on my field I can special summon Gale the whirlwind and Bora.''said Yusuke

Bora, gale, and shura stare valienatly at the two beastly dragons before them.

''HAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHA, what can those possiable do for you,'' said Ryu

''They open a door to victory, I activate Gale's effect, once per turn i can halve an opponent's monsters attack and I chose Stardust dragon''


''Now I will open the door to victory, I use my Level four bora the spear and my level three turner gale the whirlwind inorder to synchro summon.''

''Be born from the clouds above us and take flight, unleash your power and pierce beyond the heavens, SYNCHRO SUMMON, LEVEL 7 BLACKWING-ARMOR MASTER''

Armor Master attack 2500 def 1500

To be continued...

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 1: Fly birds of freedom Empty Re: Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 1: Fly birds of freedom

Post by Zero on Sat Nov 29, 2014 1:12 am

ARMOR MASTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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