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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Stuff (Feel free to ask questions if you're interested)

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Stuff (Feel free to ask questions if you're interested) Empty Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Stuff (Feel free to ask questions if you're interested)

Post by IcePopAddict on Sat Aug 09, 2014 2:03 am

This game keeps coming up everywhere, especially now with the Naxxramas update out, and the trailer being shown as a video ad for YouTube. It's a really simple and fun card game that I'd recommend you try out.

General Rules and Stuff

1. You can pick between 9 different Heroes that have different Hero Powers and cards unique to the Hero.

2. Decks can be either preconstructed or be a custom built deck consisting of Minions (Monsters), Spells, Weapons, and Secrets.

3. Decks MUST be 30 cards

4. Both players start with 30 Health each, the only exception is the Heroic Mode of Naxxramas, but this is against AI. Reducing your opponent's health to 0 wins the game. Cards and Hero Powers can also grant armor that protects the Hero against a certain amount of damage.

5. The player going first has a starting hand of three cards.

6. The player going second has a starting hand of four cards along with an extra 0 cost card, "The Coin", that grants the player an extra Mana Crystal for that turn only.

6a. At the start of a player's turn, they draw a card.

7. Both players start with 0 Mana Crystals, and gain 1 Crystal per turn, as well as regenerate Crystals used from the previous turn. The Mana Limit is 10

8. All Cards and Hero Powers cost Mana to use, ranging from 0 to 7+, although some card effects may lower or increase the cost to play based on certain conditions. Playable Hero Powers always cost 2 Mana.

9. Minions may or may not have any effects. These include...
Passive effects, "All other Minions get +1/+1".
Battlecries that take place when summoned, "Battlecry: Deal 1 Damage"
Deathrattles that occur when the Minion's health is reduced to zero, "Deathrattle: Draw a Card"
Enrages that occur when the unit takes damge, "Enrage: Gain +5 Attack"
Taunts that force enemy Minions to attack the Minion with Taunt.
Stealth that makes a Minion unattackable or targetable by effects until it deals damage.
Some Minions have a combinations of these effects.

10. Minions have a printed Attack and Health value. If a Minion is 6/2, then it does 6 Damage every attack and has 2 HP. Attack and Health values can be Increased and Decreased through card effects and attacks.

11. Minions may not attack on the turn they are summoned unless they have a Charge ability.

12. Minions may attack the enemy Hero or their monsters freely unless the opponent controls a Minion with Taunt. Minions must attack any enemy Minion with Taunt.

13. Spells have various effects such as drawing cards, damaging Characters, Boosting attacks, etc.

14. Weapons can be equipped to your Hero, allowing them to attack the enemy Hero or Monsters. The same rules of attacking apply. Weapons have an Attack stat and a Durability Stat. If a Weapon has 3/2, then it does 3 damge per hit and can only last 2 attacks before breaking.

15. Secrets are cards that are played, but their effects activate once a certain condition is met. They are played, and (a) Secret icon(s) appear above the Hero notifying them that a Secret has not been activated. "Secret: When your opponent plays a Minion, summon a copy of it."

16. Outside of battles, there is crafting that allows you to trade cards for Arcane Dust that can be used to craft cards. You can also buy Card Packs for 100 Gold or for irl money. Card Packs that you buy (whether with irl cash or in-game gold) are guranteed to contain at least 1 Rare card.


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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Stuff (Feel free to ask questions if you're interested) Empty Re: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Stuff (Feel free to ask questions if you're interested)

Post by Naoki Ishida on Sat Aug 09, 2014 3:16 am

It actually gets boring pretty fast, I played it the day it was released and like 3-4 days after it was released I got way too bored, but you do get a in game World of Warcraft mount which was my fav part.
Naoki Ishida
Naoki Ishida

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