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Nero Legacy (made by me)

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Nero Legacy (made by me)

Post by Aichi Sendou on Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:32 pm

Still a work in progress also a school assigment

It was a warm summer night and through a barely lit forest a single man was running, behind him he could hear the footsteps of the Tarin army.
"I have to keep running" he thought to himself. Suddenly he stopped "Who's hiding there!?" No one responded. "It looks as though we are not alone"
“No more running Varian, it's time for you to die." One of the soldiers said
"How many of them do you think we can take?" The man drew his sword.
"Thirty maybe forty but lets but on one great show." The sword replied
"This last stand is not for me though."
"Then who is it for?"
"This is for my brother so he may never see these horrors."

Chapter 1: The Start of Change
"You don't use normal magic, do you?"
I suddenly woke up "Even for me, that was a strange dream." My name is Nero Kaze I am sixteen, currently I live on my own my mother was taken in a raid and my father died when I was very young. My only living family member is my brother Leon and he is in the army fight the Tarian. I last saw him two years ago, and I just had a dream of his death. "I doubt he's dead he has a legendary sword so there's no way he's dead." I said to my self. I got out of bed and got dressed as I was walking out the door I remembered I didn't have my sword, when I picked it up I took it out of its sheath right as I did the blade broke in the middle "Ya I really should have gotten a new one yesterday well I can't put it off anymore." I decided to go to the local swordsmith to see if he would take the sword to make a new one.
Right after I stepped out of my door I hear someone "Let's go you witch." When I looked I saw five men grabbing a girl and trying to take her away.
"Don't you lay another finger on her." I yelled
"Who are you?" The one I assume was the leader demanded.
"My name is Nero Kaze and you thugs are going to leave that young lady alone." I ran between the thugs and the girl. "Are you ok?" I asked her.
"Yes I'm fine." I let out a sigh of relief.
"Who are you calling thugs? We were chosen by the king to stop all means of magic and that girl is a witch!" He yelled
"I'll still guard her with my life." I drew my half sword
"With a broken sword, I think not." The guards started laughing
I began to chant "Forged limbs of Gaia I beseech thy, grant me your gift so I may defend all people!" My sword become complete again but this time it had a strange aura. "So that's the how that works."
"So that's why you would guard her you too use magick."
"Yes I can use magick, but this magick was given to my father from the last king and passed down to protect anyone who uses magick. Now return to your king and tell him that there are still people who will defend the old ways."
“We'll tell him that right as we give him your head. Men attack them." Three of them went after me and two went for the girl. I cut through them as though they were paper and when I looked over to help the girl I noticed the other two were burnt to ash.
"Well now don't want to get her mad" I said under my breath
"You two are monster! Just wait until the king hears about this!" The leader said and quickly fled.
"You don't use normal magick do you?" The girl asked me.
"No. I use paladin magick. By the way, what's your name?"
"Yuki, I'm Yuki Mizu" she said smiling
Yuki looked about seventeen, her hair was brown and went half way down her back. "Nice to meet you I'm Nero. Did you just come to Varian? I've never seen you before."
"Yes I'm new here. I didn't know magick was illegal."
"Can we walk and talk? I need to get to the swordsmith before more of those guys come along." I showed her my half of a sword.
"I don't have anything else to do so sure."
We began walking "It wasn't until about a year ago when the last king, King Shinko was killed. His son, Raion the current king, thinks that magick is only for evil so it's outlawed. Shinko taught my brother and I paladin magick"
I noticed her eyes were focused on me "So you know paladin magick?"
"Ya. What about it? It's just like any other type of magick."
"Wow talk about an idiot." She shook her head. "Since you saved me ill enplane it. Paladin magick is special, not just anyone can use it. A person needs to have a good sense of right and wrong and also have a pure heart."
"Here we are I'll just be a few minutes you can come in if you like." We both walked in and I noticed her eyes focused on a sword "I'm guessing you don't have any money that's accepted here do you?"
Her face turned extremely depressed "No I don't." She started to sulk away from the sword.
"Catch!" I threw the sword to her.
She screamed and caught it "You know I don't have any money." She started to put the sword back
"You don't but I do." I smiled "Hey shopkeep how much is this sword?"
"Forty gold pieces."
I walked over to the counter and handed him the coins when I noticed a strange looking sword "Where did you get that sword?"
"Some solider sold it, said something about it being cursed and killing anyone who draws it."
"How much for that sword?"
"I'm not planning on selling it to just anyone."
"Just tell me the price of that sword!" I demanded "That sword was my brothers it's called the Teal Rose." Right as I said its name, the sword began to pulsate and unsheathed itself and came to my hand. "Are you still not going to sell it?"
"Please take it. The sword seems to belong to you already."
I put eighty gold pieces on the counter "I won't take something without paying." I walked out and Yuki was walking behind me, her eyes staring happily at her new sword. "You really like that sword don't you?"
"I do but I'm just wondering two things, one where do you get that kind of money from?" She asked in a tone that made me think she thought I was a common thief.
"The work that I do is something people pay a lot of gold for." I said happily.
"What do you do for a job?"
We stopped walking "Ok you need two hands to hold onto your sword right?"
"Yes because I didn't realize how heavy it really was."
"Ok hand me your sword." I said holding out my hand.
"Ok." She set the sword in my hand. "Now what?"
"Now you watch." I started to chant. "Blessing of wind allow this forged limb of Gaia to be enveloped in you divine power."
"Ok nothing happened." She said disappointed.
"You really think that." I handed her sword back. "Try holding it one-handed."
She let go of it with one hand. "Amazing I see why people pay you a lot of money for that."
"It's a wind paladin spell, King Shinko wasn't able to do it but he still knew the spell so he taught me. The only problem is the lasts for about a month and then slowly wears off." We started walking again.
"Second question, why would you buy this for me when we just met?" She asked still sounding like I wasn't to be trusted.
"For two reasons, one you told me yourself, you just came here, you have no money, and I'm guessing you don't have any family here."
"And what's the second reason?"
"Because you won't be able to always use magick, some of those guards have a special armor that will either negate magick or reflect it back to you but ten times stronger."
"Still seems a little strange but ok. Do you know where there's a cheep inn?"
"Ya but all the inns want you to pay before you stay, come to my house I'll cook you a dinner and stay outside in case those guards come back."
"As much as I don't trust you I don't see any other options." She let out a short sigh.
When we were done eating I left Teal Rose in my bedroom where Yuki was sleeping. I went outside to keep guard. About an hour before sunrise I heard Yuki scream. I ran as fast as I could "Yuki what's wrong?" I saw her in one corner pointing at my Teal Rose.
"The sword spoke! A sword should not talk!" She was still panicked and yelling.
I got down to her eye level "Relax I knew the sword was cursed. Take a look no matter what that sword isn't going anywhere." I said calming her down.
"It would be appreciated if you undid these locks." The sword said getting angry
"Shut up!" Yuki yelled at the top of her lungs. She ran to Teal Rose and threw it out the window. "I hate that sword."
I let out a long sigh "Teal Rose return!" The sword came back to my hand. "Since you can talk, tell me what happened to my brother."
"Sorry kid seen to many people die to remember them all."
"Your old wielder Leon Kaze."
"So you’re the brother he mentioned. Take me out of my sheath and I'll tell you everything."
"Fine ." I drew Teal Rose and set it on the floor.
"At last." The sword exclaimed and turned into the shape of my brother.
"Why do you choose to take my brother's form?"
"Because he was the last one who could wield me I didn't choose it."
"Nero I really don't trust this sword." Yuki said still worried
"Relax while I'm in this form I cannot harm you. Now what do you want to know about your brother?"
"Everything you can tell me."
"Ok. You brother went into the Tarin main base to find out why they are attacking every nation they can. He found out that they are hunting five legendary swords, I'm one of them. The five swords are me, the Teal Rose, Crimson Rose, Rose of Darkness, Rose of Light, and Blood Rose. Currently they have Blood and Darkness. Your brother was on his way back to where his unit was camped but he was caught and killed. They decided to take me to their commander as a symbol of victory but when they drew me I took control of them and had them go on a rampage. The commander told his men to sell me."
"So you can control anyone who draws you?"
"No anyone who is a decendent of the five demon sealers I cannot control, you and your brother are decedents of the sealer of the wind. You Ms. Yuki are descended from the sealer of water."
"Ok I'm going back to sleep. Nero take that sword with you." Yuki said getting back into bed.
"Yuki the sun's up. I'll make you some breakfast." I said starting to walk out the door

I heard a very slight "Why me?" before I shut the door.

Chapter 2: Exile

"Great, now we're being hunted like we were hieratics,"

Yuki and I were sitting at a table eating "What do you think we should do Nero?" Yuki asked.
"What do you mean 'we'?"
"I'm a descendent to so I think I should be helping you."
"You are a descendant, yes, but I need to be alone. I have one of the swords they need so I have a feeling I'm going to be hunted by them, I'll be better on my own and you will be safer. You can handle the guards that come your way but there's no telling what I'm going to be facing."
I heard knocks on my door "We are the kings elite guards open up!" I opened the door "By the order of the king Nero Kaze and Yuki Mizu are to be arrested and executed."
"Under what offense." I asked. I had a feeling I knew what it was.
"For the use of magick and for stealing an church artifact."
"Yuki hit the ceiling with a fireball! Now!" I commanded. When the fireball hit the ceiling there was a loud explosion the burning wood made a smoke cover. I grabbed her hand "Lets go!" We got up the stairs. "That smoke will keep them off for a few seconds." I began to chant "Blessing of the wind, allow us to walk on the force that guides all." I opened my window "Jump!" I yelled we jumped out the window. We landed on the ground and began running.
"What was that spell you just did?"
"That spell was to stop us from getting hurt from that fall." I said looking behind us. "Run for the gate." We managed to get out of the city.
"What was all that about? You didn't tell me that we could be executed for using magick."
"Normally you wouldn't be, but they said we stole something from the church." I said. I heard guards coming out of the gate "We're not safe here keep running." We ran for at least three hours.
"What's the item we took from the church?" Yuki asked sitting down.
"Teal Rose." I started to pace while talking "The church preaches that our five saints were sealed by five demons with swords, the five Rose Blades. The saints had swords of their own they were called the Lotus Swords." I sat down.
"The truth is those saints and demons worked together to beat a demon who was killing everything, humans, demons, and gods." Teal Rose started to explain. "Your church thinks the saints are sealed in the Lotus Swords when in reality the demons are sealed in there. Tarin has the five Lotus Swords to release the sealed demon but you need all ten swords and three descendants of the sealers. They have one, the descendant of earth, held captive."
"So they can't kill Yuki and myself can they? If both of us were to die then they wouldn't have enough descendants."
"Unfortunately no." Teal began explaining "If you have the dead body of a decedent then it will still work because they must be sacrificed."
Yuki sighed "Great, now we're being hunted like hieratics, and on top of that we have to go on a sword hunt."
"Maybe not a hunt. If I remember correctly legends say that the ten great nations each held a Lotus Sword or Rose Blade. Tarin conquered four of them, four fell to ruin and are now dens of demons and monsters, and the last one is the churches capital." I said thinking of what to go after first. "Also based on letters from my brother the five generals of Tarin each use a Lotus Sword so those five are to hard to get
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