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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 19: Swing, pendulum of fate!

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 19: Swing, pendulum of fate! Empty Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 19: Swing, pendulum of fate!

Post by SoulKitty on Sat Dec 13, 2014 11:31 am

Bursting through the doors of an ancient castle, Zeke parks his d-wheel right before he walks into the building. Looking around rather surprised as the other horsemen are all gathered around together in the entrance. ''Whats going on!,'' asked Zeke as the others stand around patiently. ''They requested we wait here till further notice,'' said Noah. Right as Noah finishes his sentence a frail looking man walks into the room. His cane hitting the ground constantly as he makes his way to the men. ''Glad you all could wait here as I gather the info we have,'' said the man as he pulls out a glass case from his pocket,''One of you has been chosen to be one of the heralds for the overlord.''

In a small town in one single home a mother sits down crying with her husband. ''Hes been gone for three months and no one could find my baby,'' said the sobbing mother. The front door opens as a small child walks in looking lost and confused. Walking past the living room as the parents jolt up to see their child. ''WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ,'' said both the parents in unison as the mother holds him tightly. Looking at both his parents with a rather demonic look as the mother starts to tremble.

''Something isn't r-right,'' said the mother,''who are you.'' As those words escape her mouth this small child starts to laugh in an almost double voice manner. ''Your all so weak..not even worth my time..,'' said the child as the room grows darker. Screams emit from the house as the entire neighborhood wakes up to see whats going on.

Back at the hospital as Koga bursts through the door to only find Yusuke missing from his room,''Damnit where could you have taken him Gabriel.'' As the doors to a garage open up Yusuke and Gabriel walk in together. ''Kinda not what I expected for training,'' said Yusuke as he looks around the place. ''Its the most I could get,'' said Gabriel as puts his duel disk on,''now shall we begin.''

''Wait wait, why so soon,'' said Yusuke,''I just got here man.'' ''Put your duel disk on now I need to see your skill level,'' said Gabriel as Yusuke puts it on knowing he can't win this argument.




''Its my turn,'' said Yusuke,''I activate the spell card Black whirlwind, Next I summon Blackwing-Shura the blue flame.'' Shura burst out of the black whirlwind as he bends his arms back and lands on the ground with force,''Since he was normal summoned I get to add one blackwing monster with attack lower then his own.'' As Yusuke does this Zephroys flies out of his deck into his hand,''I end my turn.''

''You know I knew your father Yusuke,'' said Gabriel,''He was a good man sad that he died.'' ''How did you know him?,'' asked Yusuke as Gabriel draws his card. ''He also a fool to think he can escape fate, I summon Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus,'' said Gab as a blue gem emerges onto the field before breaking into pieces as a white Pegasus flies out of it,''Since he was normal summoned I get to place one cry beast monster from my deck into my spell and trap zone and I pick ruby.''

Just like that a red gem emerges onto the field as it shines in the light. ''Now Pegasus attack his Shura,'' said Gab as pegasus flies into the air with its horn fireing a laser at Shura. Responding back Shura flies up and throws blue flames at the laser causing an explosion that kills them both. ''When a cry beast monster is destroyed instead of going to my grave it goes to my spell and trap zone,'' said Gab as the blue gem of pegasus appears next to the red gem.

''Why even do that?!?!,'' asked Yusuke as he is shocked by this move. ''In do time you will see,'' said Gab,'' go on with your turn.''

''You still didn't answer me How did you know my father,'' said Yusuke as he draws his card on his turn,''TELL ME.'' Looking sternly at Yusuke as Gabriel breaths a sigh of relief,''He was a good friend I met years before you were born,'' said Gab as he chuckles a bit,''Too bad I had to leave...I regret some choices I have made and leaving was one of them.''

''Why did you leave,'' asked Yusuke. ''That I cannot tell you,'' said Gabriel. ''I summon blackwing-Zephyros the elite and with whirlwind on the field I add add breeze to my hand and since i added Breeze I get to special summon her,'' said Yusuke as two birds fly onto the field,'' Next I special summon Bora the spear from my hand onto the field.''

''Battle,'' commanded Yusuke as Bora, zephy and breeze attack Gab in unison.


''I tune my level 4 zephyros with my level 3 breeze to synchro summon Blackwing-Armor Master,'' said Yusuke as an armored Bird man crashes down onto the earth with extreme power. ''I set one card face down and end my turn.''

Standing there with his eyes closed as they bolt open with force. His eyes being two different colors as he places a finger on his deck,''ITS MY TURN DRAW,'' said Gabriel,''I place my scale 2 crystal protector and my scale 5 crystal vanguard into my pendulum zones.'' ''PENDULUM ZONE?!?!?,'' said Yusuke in utter shock as two beings hover above Gabriel with number directly under them.

''I pendulum summon Pegasus and ruby from my hands,'' said Gabriel as they both appear onto the field,''I use pegasus to place my cobalt eagle onto the s/t zone then I use ruby's effect since she was special summoned I get to special summon all my crystals in my s/t zones.''

Each and every crystal appears on the field in their monster forms. ''I left cause what I knew about the future I tried my best to change, but just like a pendulum nothing is the same and it will continue flowing.''

-----------------------------to be continued----------------------

chapter 20: Finding the winning combo, Yusukes hidden power!!

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