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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 18: The road to victory will be at the world stage!!

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 18: The road to victory will be at the world stage!!

Post by SoulKitty on Sat Dec 13, 2014 10:37 am

As the rain hits against the windshield of a rather old car, it races through the streets. Sitting in the back are two figures one male the other female as they sit their comfortably waiting to arrive at their destinaton. ''How much longer must we wait,'' asked the rather short girl as she plays around with her black and purple hair. ''Soon very soon,'' replied the man.

Stopping infront of a hospital as the two strangers climb out of their vehicle admits the heavy rain. Walking inside to only see panic as doctors and nurses are responding to loads of patients swarming in. ''Ma'am has anyone by the name of Yusuke been admitted into here,'' asked the man. Before the nurse could answer she gets cut off by a rather serious voice.

''You better leave that boy out of this Gabriel,'' said Koga

Tossing and turning violently as Yusuke sweats violently. Gripping his sheets tightly as he screams loudly almost like he is in pain. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING thought Yusuke as voices yell about in his head. Each voice begging him for help. ''I don't know what you want,'' said Yusuke as he grabs hold of his head.

''Ahh Koga its been such a long time,'' said Gabriel as he strikes a rather smug grin at Koga. ''Why did you show up again after all these years?'' asked Koga as he leans against a wall awaiting an answer.

''That boy is the third child same as this young one,'' said Gabriel as he lightly pushes the young girl towards Koga. ''My name is Yasmin Evans pleasure to meet you,'' said the girl as she reaches her hand out toward Koga.

''Same to you,'' replied Koga as he shakes her hand,''Now answer my question why now of all times?''

''I kinda don't have enough time I need to see this boy now,'' said Gabriel as he pulls out a crystal from his pocket,''don't get mad Koga~mesha~'' Just as those words escape Gabriels mouth he vanishes from site. ''Damnit,'' said Koga as he rushes back to Yusukes room.

Getting up off his bed breathing heavily and feeling light headed. Yusuke takes one foot onto the ground and starts to sink in as the ground turns into water. Panicing as he can't grab hold of anything Gabriel grabs Yusuke and pulls him out of the water. ''Y-you saved me,'' said Yusuke as he shivers from the cold water. ''Guess yours are different from the others,'' said Gabriel as everything starts to turn back to normal.

''What happened,'' asked Yusuke as Gabriel grabs his face and exams him. ''Your left eye has a different color from your right is this normal for you,''asked Gab. ''No that isn't,'' said Yusuke as he looks at himself from the reflection of his cell phone. ''I guess you need some answers,'' said Gab.


Waking up from his unconsious state Keith looks around him and starts to remember that he lost. ''What the hell was that,'' said Keith as he is still dumbfounded by what he felt,''That was all real.''

Managing to get himself back up Keith punches the wall closest to him. ''Nothing worked and I couldn't even get out of that situation,'' said Keith out of anger,''how can I ever make it in the pro league if I can't even challenge someone like that.''

Picking his deck back up as Keith looks through all his cards right before throwing them into the air. ''I will have to go above and beyond if i'm ever going to challenge Zeke again,'' said Keith as he takes his shooting star, quasar and junk warrior cards with him.

Back at the hospital Yusuke sits down dumb founded by everything Gabriel told him. ''So these overlords destroyed the world thirty years ago,'' said Yusuke as his shock grows larger. ''Mhm but it took three souls to stop them and bring the world back, one had unmeasurable anger, the other was a kind soul and the last was a strong yet worry some leader,'' said Gabriel as he takes another crystal out of his pocket,''You and the others can see and/or communicate with spirits and I need you to get stronger inorder to stop the coming threat from rising once again.''

Gripping his shoulders as Yusuke finds this hard to believe. ''Do these disappearances have anything to do with them,' 'asked Yusuke as his demeanor changes. ''Yes they do,'' said Gabriel.

''I can gladly train you to be prepared,'' said Gabriel as he sticks his hand out towards Yusuke.

Over at the prison Ryu is brought into the wardens the office. ''What did you want to see me for,'' asked Ryu. Moving towards Ryu as the Warden directs him to the man sitting in the corner. ''Your being released from prison,'' said the warden. Looking at him with confusion the strange man stands up and starts to speak to Ryu.

''My name is vladimir and I wish to be your manager,'' said Vlad,''I heard you have a new form of summoning and I wish to help you become known in the world or pro dueling.''

''Why do you even want to help me,'' asked Ryu. ''I know you wish to take the crown from your brother and I wil help you,'' said Vlad as he reaches his hand toward Ryu,'' Do you accept.

''I accept,'' said Yusuke and Ryu

''I will be prepared for the world Tournament,'' said Keith

----------------To be continued-------------

Next time: Yusukes training begins right as Keith searches for a new strength. And a new threat arises within the ranks of the 4 horsemen

chapter 19: Swing, pendulum of fate!

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