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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 16: A glimmer of hope?

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 16: A glimmer of hope?

Post by SoulKitty on Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:09 am


''Now balmung attack his thunderbird,'' delcared Keith as balmung takes his sword out of the ground before lunging straight into the air. Eyeing his target as Balmung falls down back to the ground with his sword raised high as he pierces straight through thunderbird. Screaming in pure agonizing pain as thunderbird's body melts away.


''I set one card face down and end my turn,'' said Keith as another set card flashes onto the field before disappearing. ''Hmph your still a disappointment,'' said Zeke,''It's my turn, draw.''

Just as Zeke draws a strong forces engulfs the entire field as a dark aura grows stronger around him. Opening his eyes as he looks at the card he draw, smirking confidently as he releases a wicked laugh. ''I activate evilswarm Kerykeion's effect from the grave, by banishing one evilswarm monster from my grave I get to add one lswarm monster to my hand,'' said Zeke as thunderbird gets banished and he adds Kerykeion to his hand.

''Now I normal summon evilswarm castor,'' declared Zeke as castor lands onto the ground before striking the earth with his sword,''since he was normal summoned I get to summon another lswarm monster onto the field, and I pick kerykeion.''

Kerykeion bursts straight through the crackes in the ground as he lands next to castor back to back. ''Now I overlay my level 4 castor with my level 4 kerykeion in order to exceed summon EVILSWARM OPHION,'' annoucned Zeke as they both become two orbs of light that lunge straight into ophion. As this happens another ophion takes form inside the first one before lunging out of him.

''Now Ophion attack his balmung,'' said Zeke as the first ophion lunges straight at Balmung.'' Trap card open, scrap-iron scarecrow,'' said Keith as small scarecrow appears infront of Balmung.

''I activate infestation pandemic,'' said Zeke as a black mist comes out of the card,''this makes all lswarm monsters unaffected by spell or trap cards. The mist lunges at scarecrow melting it as Ophion goes through it's melted form. Taking his sword from his back as Balmung prepares to strike ophion, but is too late as he is devoured by it.


''Now my second Ophion attack his directly,'' said Zeke as the second spirals towards Keith trumbling him across the field.


''By detaching one overlay unit from ophion I get to add one infestation spell or trap card,'' said Zeke as one orb of light gets absorbed into ophion,''I set one card face down and end my turn.''


Panting heavily as Keith struggles to get back onto his feet. ''That damage was real,'' said Keith as he grips the left side of his rib cage,''how is this possiable.''

''Hehehe it's strange isn't it, seeing your oppenant struggle in fear,'' said Zeke as he laugh histerically. Gritting his teeth as he does his best to ignore the pain''I want answer, whos this overlord and what exactly are you doing!''

Being taken back Zeke takes a deep breath as he exhales,''Let me ask you this, does anyone know what happened 30 years ago,'' said Zeke as he sees Keith clearly being confused by the question,''I told you your memories are altered, but its not just you its everyone on this planet simiply because 30 years ago never happened.''

''What the hell are you talking about,'' asked Keith as his confusion rises. ''This world was destroyed 30 years ago, EVERYONE IS JUST A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL,'' said Zeke.

''I don't believe you,'' said Keith,''We all can't be copies its impossiable.''

''Says the person who is bleeding from taking a hit from a ''hologram'',''said Zeke.

''SHUTUP, ITS MY TURN DRAW,'' said Keith,'' Since I control no monster on my field i'm able to special summon unknown synchron.''

Soon a small machine like ball with one eye appears on the field as it starts to circle around Keith playfully,'' Next I normal summon synchron explorer,'' said Keith as another round bodied machine pops out of the ground.

Taking a valiant pose as he stands before the two Ophions. ''Since he was summoned I'm able to summon a synchron monster from my grave, no comeforth junk synchron.''

A beam of light emits from explorers chest as junk synchron flys out of the light before landing onto the field. ''Now I tune my level 1 unknown with my level 2 explorer in order to synchron summon mist bird clausolas.

From out of the sky a green colored bird lands onto the field with his wings covering his face.


''Now I activate his effect, once per turn I can target one monster my oppenant controls and put its attack to zero,'' said Keith as he points to the ophion on his right,''Now I activate the trap card call of the haunted.''

''I'm able to target one monster in my grave and special summon it in attack mode,'' said Keith as a flash of light appears behind keith,''comeback balmung.'' Balmung bursting out of the ground as he spins around onto the field.

This is my chance to make a comeback, my only glimmer of hope thought Keith.

----------------------to be continued--------------

chapter 17: True despair in the hope of victory.

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